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  1. kkg_mjh

    How to activate / deactivate !DEA GPRS ???

    i talked with CC yesterday regarding Rs 5 per day plan they told me to activate this plan i need to seng GPRS 2 to 4666 but wat a bloddy hell I've been charging on per KB basis . Kindly can any one tell me how to deactivate their GPRS scheme also how to activate Rs 5 scheme
  2. kkg_mjh

    HELP Regarding Airtel EDGE in PUNE

    well i want to know weather EDGE is available in Lohagaon area or not coz i'm getting a very slow speed can i get details where the EDGE services are available and yes I've EDGE enablled phone (Nokia 6020)
  3. kkg_mjh

    Svchost Problem

    freinds i'm having the following svchost problem please tell me possible solutions My OS: XP professional SP2 intel celeron M 1.30 GHz 248 MB of RAM
  4. kkg_mjh

    Help Regarding PHPBB

    Dear Friends I want ur kind help regarding phpbb I want two groups i.e commerce group and science group i want that the commerce student cannot post , reply or poll in the science section and vice versa please help me with that how to do that please provide me link to any mod if...
  5. kkg_mjh

    Help regarding GUI Tweek For XP (making vista)

    Friends i want to know any freeware available that will make MY COMPUTER like VISTA's my computer (that GUI Indiacating HDD space ) see here http://www.geekpedia.com/pics/VistaScreenshots/My%20Computer%20and%20Report%20tool.PNG
  6. kkg_mjh

    HELP regarding Airtel NOP

    What is this NOP (net on phone ) service by airtel donot tell me to contact airtel CC coz they have blocked my cc 2 month ago and still not unblocked even after 15 calls
  7. kkg_mjh

    Help somting happen to my cpu

    My system is not operating from last force shutdown by power off button. When i turn on my system the front led of power and hdd are on but no processing is happening like bios loading etc , help me as soon as possible
  8. kkg_mjh

    Help regarding Airtel GPRS (some Changes are there while connecting)

    Hey friends from today i'm noticing that there is a change when i connect my internet through airel gprs . upto yesterday when i connected there was no call sign (that is a hanger type sign) when connecting GPRS but from today i'm seeing that there is that call connected sign is...
  9. kkg_mjh

    bsnl portal setting

    hello friends i want mannual setting of bsnl portal i'm from mahrastra
  10. kkg_mjh

    PHP guru help me

    hello friends can anyone make a php script for me i want a databse form using mysql mysql detail(used for storing data) server address :- localhost port :- 3306 version :- 5.01 database name:- gb user name :- kunal password :- kunal it...
  11. kkg_mjh

    ram quiery

    frnds i want to knowthat i have two slot for RAM and one ram is of 128 mb 400 Mhz i want to know that wether i can install another ram of 256 MB 300 Mhz with 128 mb??? or shud they have same speed
  12. kkg_mjh

    IM In Nokia 6020

    hello frnds can any one tell me how to use IM function in nokia 6020 for using yahoo or msn messenger I'm connected thru MO (airtell gprs) PLEASE NOTE THAT donot tell me any software to use
  13. kkg_mjh

    want free hindi language wordprocessor software

    hi frnds if you want to use free hindi software download your copy from http://www.baraha.com/ i use it and found very effective
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