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  1. DizitalNovice

    Suggestions on XPeria U

    Hi people, looking to buy an android and came across this model. What are your views on this? Different sites are claiming different specs. Acc. to GSMArena, it doesn't have a Memory Card slot, but has USB on the go, which is not mentioned in any other spec sheet for this phone. Some say...
  2. DizitalNovice

    A future proof mobile

    I am looking for a mobile which wouldn't feel like outdated after an year or may be more perhaps. Something like what Nokia did with 5800 probably! Till now 5800 is a best seller for it, and has commanded regular updates from the Fins. I own it actually... Now, I am looking for (perhaps) an...
  3. DizitalNovice

    A Place to buy headphones in kolkata

    I want to buy sennheiser or creative headphones/earphones. I tried Music World & Starmark. They're selling it on printed price, exorbitant. Do any of you know a shop in Kolkata where I can buy such stuff at reasonable prices?
  4. DizitalNovice

    Java Query - Apologise for not asking in query thread

    Date d = new Date(); System.out.println(d); using this statement we can see that d has got some value and can be printed. I want to make a similar class, which will assign a value to the object and not create members within the object. Say, Class cls{ cls(){ ... } } so when I write...
  5. DizitalNovice

    What's your opinion on 8600GT DDR3

    I am planning to buy a 8600GT DDR3 card, but I hear the performance is not very good. Do any of you have it? how much can I increase the effects and res in a game like new POP 2008 or Assassin's Creed? What frame rates can I expect?
  6. DizitalNovice

    MySQL Query - Can anyone help?

    This seems so simple yet I just cannot get it! The context: I am building a library mgmt system and there is a table called requests where current requests for book id are kept as (buk_id,usr_id,Date of rqst). Now everytime an entry is made here number of available copies in the books table...
  7. DizitalNovice

    Enabling TTF support in GD

    array(11) { ["GD Version"]=> string(27) "bundled (2.0.34 compatible)" ["FreeType Support"]=> bool(false) ["T1Lib Support"]=> bool(false) ["GIF Read Support"]=> bool(true) ["GIF Create Support"]=> bool(true) ["JPG Support"]=> bool(true) ["PNG Support"]=> bool(true) ["WBMP Support"]=>...
  8. DizitalNovice

    Deny access to files in Win XP

    I have two queries: 1: How can I deny access to certain files or folders in windows xp. I want some VB code or method which can prevent deletion and/or reading of certain items. Ideally, the file can be anywhere, even on a pen drive, and if I double click on it or press del, it says access...
  9. DizitalNovice

    Help on web hosting

    I have a forum for my college hosted on digitalthink.info (just in case you want to know, its not an ad), but the problem is that the server is mostly down, i don't know why? My question is can I upload the whole site on another server and keep it there too, so that if one is down, other works?
  10. DizitalNovice

    Ever heard of...?

    What's the matter with you guys? Someone is concerned about the English language, someone about Pakis. Some people even are interested in hot debates whether Dogs should be treated like they are or not. Man! Ever heard of patriotism? I am sick and tired of people not respecting our motherland...
  11. DizitalNovice


    I want to buy Sennheiser MX350 Earphones. Where can I get them in Kolkata and what should be the approx. cost? http://www.headphoneworld.com/p/Sennheiser_MX350_Earphones.htm
  12. DizitalNovice

    Word search program in C

    I want to make a program in C which will take a string input and replace predefined words(available in a text file) with *s. Can be used to replace offensive words in a file,etc. But I don't get the word searching algo. ie After I read a word from the input, how do I search whether that word is...
  13. DizitalNovice

    Replacement for turbo c++ ide

    Can any one suggest me a replacement for turbo c++ ide 3.0, the version which runs in dos mode, which can run the functions in graphics.h header file. Actually, I have a athlon x2 3600+ cpu with msi k9ngm motherboard. Whenever I try to run a 16 bit app, it crahes and msg appears as in the...
  14. DizitalNovice

    Flash Help Required

    I want to add a button in my flash movie which will change the desktop wallpaper. like it does in the digit autorun UI. How can it be done?
  15. DizitalNovice

    Any One who uses a netgear modem to connect to dataone?

  16. DizitalNovice

    Running one installatio on XP and Vista

    Can I run the same installation of Office 2007, Photoshop CS3, etc on Vista. I had installed them on Xp. I don't have much Disk space to keep two copies of these softwares. I can run some others with no problems. Like Flash 8 could be run without any problem.
  17. DizitalNovice

    Dataone Modem Configuration Problem

    I have bought a netgear dm111p modem for dataone but i can't connect to internet with it, whereas i can connect to internet with another modem provided by bsnl. I think i need to configure the modem but i don't knw what to do. Plz Help.
  18. DizitalNovice

    Dual Channel RAM Confusion

    Hey I have got one 512mb Corsair 667mhz and another I bought a few days ago 1gb Transcend 667mhz. I put them in two consecutive slots. Are they working in dual channel mode? If not what is the frequency they are working at? is it 667mhz as both RAMs are of that frequency? Plz Reply
  19. DizitalNovice

    OnBoard Sound Not Starting! Please Help!

    Hi I have a 3yrs old Krypton M6VLQ MoBo and a Cyrix 800 MHz processor(I already hear Giggles [:(] ), I lost the CD that came with the MoBo and now using drivers downloaded from the website after a hell lot of searching my onboard sound just doesn't start giving an error code 10. What doI need to...
  20. DizitalNovice

    Double clicking on drive opens search!

    When I double click on any drive icon in my computer, search window appears. I saw folder options>file types>drive>advanced. There find is set as an action but I can't delete it as the button is disabled. How do I solve this?
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