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  1. Sparsh007

    Bigg Boss 2 Winner:Ashutosh

    Bigg Boss 2 won by Ashutosh Second Reality Show win for him
  2. Sparsh007

    Need help with C++

    hey guys i need a program which could do the following i will enter few alphabets and it prints all the possible 4 letter combination with them into the notepad file. Ex: if i enter a,b,c,d,e,f,g then it gives the output abcd abce abcf abcg acde acfg etc.... Help will be appreciated
  3. Sparsh007

    Hard disk making noises

    Hey guys please help me with this one, my hard disk is making noises (click click pause click click pause.......) it used to work beforehand on my pc(on it also made some noise but very rarely) which presently I dont have access to and has inbuilt sata ports,the computer on which i presently am...
  4. Sparsh007

    Help with wireless router

    Hey guys i need help with hooking up a wireless broadband router to do file and printer sharing.One is a laptop connected wirelessly and one is a desktop connected with ethernet card.And they already have the broadband connected on both. the model of wireless router is Linksys WRT54G...
  5. Sparsh007

    NEW Ipods!!!

    hey guys was just surfing the apple site and found this stuff: new ipod nano(doesnt look nano anymore) ipod touch (awesome) This was better therefore no thumbnails Check em out here Nano: http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/ Touch: http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/
  6. Sparsh007

    Question abt Domain transfer

    hey guys i want to park a domain from servage to another host or domain parking service What is the cost? and Main also want to know about a free domain parking service
  7. Sparsh007

    Free movie for tata sky customers

    Gr8 news for tata sky customers register here https://selfcare.tatasky.com/UserRegistration/jsp/html/index.jsf and get a movie free see site for more details
  8. Sparsh007

    Help With Installation Of Hard Drive

    i recently got a Seagate Barracuda Model Number: ST3300820AS Model Site On Seagate http://tinyurl.com/33aw37 i got the hard disk but no screws wires and stuff i wnt to kno how to install it if any1 cloud plz help me out thnx...
  9. Sparsh007

    Little help with Quidway WA1003A router

    Hi guys need help with this Quidway WA1003A (came with BSNL connection)router i cant access this from where we can edit settings of modem before i could access it (1st time when installed) and even i tried to access after little time but connection used to time out...
  10. Sparsh007

    which hard disk ?[Urgent]

    Hey guys which harddisk should i buy I want 160GB Capacity And internal my computer model is Compaq presario SR1730IL(If required)
  11. Sparsh007

    Some Questions

    1.I dont plan to put this into practical just for knowledge. suppose i use a broadband connection(Say BSNL) of somebody else with the same equipment(ofcourse) then is there any chance that one may know that "this this" has used xyz's connection from "this time to this" from "this" computer...
  12. Sparsh007

    Airtel Live help

    Airtel Connection Help hey guys i am in sikkim,india when ever i try connecting to mobile office or NOP it shows Packet Data:Connection not Available hope u will help me soon thnx
  13. Sparsh007

    Help Taj Mahal To Be In The 7 Wonders Of the World

    Chk all info on the site You can vote only 7 votes from 1 email id that too to different places give to taj mahal and angkor and other less famous ones(we dont want our india to be behind ;) ) vote online:- http://www.new7wonders.com vote by sms:- taj to 4567 Spread it around
  14. Sparsh007

    Extensions and Their Definitions

    A A Object code library A Library file (Unix) AA Audible audio file AAM Authorware shocked file AAS Authorware shocked packet AB Applix Builder file ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font ABK Backup file ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup ABM Audio album file ABO Applix...
  15. Sparsh007

    Any good apps for nokia...

    Does anyone kno links for good apps,games for nokia 3250
  16. Sparsh007

    can apps .....

    can applications supported by other phones work on a non supported phone?? plz hlp urgent
  17. Sparsh007

    Speed Up Your Computers In 4 Steps

    Disclaimer You Perform The Following Steps At Your Own Risk Any Damage Caused Will Not Be My Responsibility btw Only Step 2 Is Harmful If Not Done Properly. 1.Regular Virus,Spyware,Adware Check(Programs I recommended (Avast 4.7(Antivirus),Spybot 4(Anti-Spyware),Lavasoft Adware Personal SE(Anti...
  18. Sparsh007

    Registry Queries

    What to do with this please explain step by step i saw this in a mag it says fine tune internet access speed by saving this "CacheHashTableBucketSize"=dword:00000001 "CacheHashTableSize"=dword:00000180 "MaxCacheEntryTtlLimit"=dword:0000fa00 "MaxSOACacheEntryTtilLimit"=dword:0000012d...
  19. Sparsh007

    How To Change Color Of Taskbar.

    how can i change the coour of my taskbar(blue part here)
  20. Sparsh007

    questions regarding object dock and icons

    1.how to convert photo files like jpeg,bmp to icon files?? 2. in object doc can i convert the icons in the dock into my own??
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