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    firefox error "the name server refuses to perform the specified operation"

    Hi guys, I don't know whats wrong with my browser it is throwing up some error on most of the sites that I visit does not have a HTTP:// at the beginning of the address only some sites like FB and other manage to get the HTTP and some I get the following error screenshot this happens in...
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    Best RIG for mobile repairs....Advice

    Hi guys, Have always worked on laptops for my need all this while..I am into cell phone repairs and my work takes up a lot of Usb ports, as i have to plug in dongles for various cell phone types....recently i laptop i was working is not sufficient for my day to day work...now there is a need of...
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    need to attach a printer but no parallel port for da lappy

    Hi guys...got a old dot matrix printer...how do i connect it to my laptop...its a dell inspiron 1525.... any bright ideas... Thanks in advance
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    Exe files opened as PHP files by firefox

    Hi guys, Need some urgent help...i have been using firefox for ages now never had a problem as this.... wenever i try to downlaod any exe file from the net..fire fox save it as a file called download.php(but with the true size) this means that i am able to save the whole file from the net but...
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    drivers needed for intex web cam

    Hi guys, Well misplaced the driver cd for my web cam.... where can i download the drivers for intex web cam MODEL:IT - 102 WC SB, If anyone has a idea plz let me know thaking in advance Clifford (goa)
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    Kick @ss Virus

    Hi Guys, well my friend bought a cd with pics..well poped it in n started to see the pic... after everything .... i had thsi prob.. "there is no disk in drive please insert a disk into drive"... I think its a virus... an someone help me regarding... as i got impt. data over the drives...
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    where is service center for Segate lost

    Hi guys, I have a maxtor portable drive (80GB) its still under warranty.. i had purchased it from Laminton road...now the guys at the shop are saying go to a service center n sort ur self out...i am residing in goa.... any one had ideas where i will be able to trace the service center here...
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    show me A comp Rig for 22k..loads f usb

    Hi Guys, well planning to upgrade...i am into cell phone repairs n most of the time the software i use need a lot of usb connection to flash phones..so as of now i have a budget of 22000 on me....plz can u suggest a config which wud satisfy me by power as well as have a major amt of usb...
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    How to congig. thunderbird with Yahoo.. such a headache

    Hi guys, well thought to give a try at Thunderbird...well managed to hook on with Gmail was so easy...but now the main account which i use that is yahoo mail cant be config. to thunderbird...any help form u guys.... need to know how to cofig. it in step by step sequence.... Thaning in...
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    Best trick to do partition of hard disk

    Hi guys, well just bought a 250 GB of western hard disk drive n will install a fresh XP professional OS on it .... now i want to partition it in the following manner.... C:\ 80GB n other drives as 56GB each...... Now guys wats the best possible way to do it..... should i use disk partion...
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    All is lost in driver

    hi guys, Got a issue here...i got a system(PC) formated it n now i am not able to use internet as i am not able to configure the drivers for the modem.... Its a celeron system with 865 chipset....how will i be abe to trace which drivers are needed to fix this prob..also there is no audio...
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    ethernet controller..... bugging me

    Hi Guys, Well i have this prob with my Laptop..... Ijust bought a laptop from one of my friends from UK. As it was custom installed with Vista...which I hate to work on...I installed XP with SP2. Now the prob is that I am not able to fix driver Problem for 3 things. When i go into device...
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    Best software to covert DVD to VCD directly

    Hi guys...... well i have 4 DVD's my friend gave to convert from DVD to Vcd format...as i tried googling but never got a straight solution.... its either payed software to be downloaded its some times frustrating u know :mad: ...... my question to u guys is.... which is the best free software...
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    My drives wont let me acess them

    Hi there.... well hers the story.... everytime i try to acess my drives that is my D E F drive i always get this error "acess denied"... well after i formated the C drive i was able to double click n get the drive to open up directly...... but the other drive i have to open up by going to the...
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    Bumpy ride for ma playback

    Hi guys, I will get straight to the prob. My younger brother installed Doom3 (original n not pirated)... As i had no graphic card on my system it was lagging a little bit .....So i went ahead and uninstalled it again... But later on due to some kind of graphic acceleration problem my system...
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    System Fan:::: '0' RPM---> Why?

    HI Guys, Well I'll get straight to the problem....... Everytime i startup my system I get the following Error before I see the windows login...... Hardware Monitor:::: CPU Vcore : 1.47v +3.3v : 3.43v +12.0v :12.40v -5.50v :(-) 5.44v CPU Temp :45degree C/ 113 degree Feh System...
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