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  1. the deconstructionist

    Playing Real files on Nokia 5200

    Please help me a real media player for nokia 5200 series.:mad:
  2. the deconstructionist

    Pluto ko Shani lag gaya.

    What do you think about demotion of Pluto as a bonafide Planet of our Solar system.:mad:
  3. the deconstructionist

    Why does Opera load faster than other Browzers.?

    8) My question is ,Why does Opera load faster than other Browzers.like Firefox or IE?
  4. the deconstructionist

    Add Remove problem

    The Game american army cannot be unistalled from add remove . Using Xp. Please heip. Thanks in advance.
  5. the deconstructionist

    Which team would you support and why?

    AS the football world cup is once in a four year event, and unfortunately our team is not there in Germany. Which team would you support and why?
  6. the deconstructionist

    PC upgrade... help needed

    My cousin has a compaq presario S4020IL with on board graphics and out dated mobo. He wants to change the cpu and keep the monitor and speakers to cut cost. The need for up grade is gaming. Can any body suggest a upgrade with in 12 k.
  7. the deconstructionist

    Animation software required

    Could any body help me with a good animation software , I plan to make cartoon s in action.
  8. the deconstructionist

    Good Linux flavour for the Masses.(humans)

    I want to switch to linux , can you suggest a good linux platform which is similar to windows in its use and adaptability.
  9. the deconstructionist

    How does Google save all the billions of pages?

    I am really intriqued by the amount of data paged by Google. Is it automated or done by real people.
  10. the deconstructionist

    Buying blues!

    Which is the better option guys, to buy the ps2 or migrating to a higher graphics card? As my system cannot handle the latest games.
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