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  1. rkneo11

    Doubt regarding lettering of hard drives

    I am surprised it worked as usually the OS keeps a track of the HDD serial no. on which it is installed.
  2. rkneo11

    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    nice thread ---------- Post added at 04:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:36 PM ---------- NO. But 64 bit processors suppot 32 bit OS but the converse is not true/
  3. rkneo11

    Need help on NOKIA C6...URGENT

    guess it is a grey market piece
  4. rkneo11

    Are We (Indians) Racists ?

    What about Bal Thackrey's initiative for non marathis to quit maharashtra?? What about Andhra Pradesh's policy not to allot medical seats for non telugu people?? The SC ST and OBC reservations are also a type of racism only
  5. rkneo11

    The Photography Thread

    In the first shot felt bad to see all the jink just strewn over there :(
  6. rkneo11

    the FOOTBALL channel

    Re: Cristiano Ronaldo becomes a father . Hmmm... I wonder if that had anything to do with his dismal performance in the WC
  7. rkneo11

    track / locate any GSM mobile in the world using GPS !

    looks like a joke... but will still check it out...
  8. rkneo11

    5.1 PC Speaker

    +1 for creative 6100
  9. rkneo11

    Folder is not accessible.......

    Possibly a virus... If you want to delete it boot into safe mode and then you can delete it...
  10. rkneo11

    Suggest a PSU...

    i'd recommend you buy a coolermaster PSU...
  11. rkneo11

    Software for logging system temprature!

    hmmm... guess i have to start using one too...
  12. rkneo11

    why KDE Sucks

    +1 for GNOME...
  13. rkneo11

    Problems with harddisk

    I think you are having a virus attack... I once had a problem like this and it was solved only with a clean reinstall of XP SP3
  14. rkneo11

    Earbuds better than Creative's EP 630!!!

    +1 for Altec lansing
  15. rkneo11

    which is your favourite brand of beer?

  16. rkneo11

    [By Demand] July 2010

    +1 fpr FT on Photoshop CS5... Perhaps a FT for HTML 5 coding...
  17. rkneo11

    Win 7 help

    get the latest MoBo and audio drivers...
  18. rkneo11

    The Photography Thread

    superb snaps... all of them
  19. rkneo11

    Waiting for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS !!

    same here... i tried it running on my HP HDX system and found it to to be a bit slower than the older version
  20. rkneo11

    USB2.0 copying speed....

    Hmm i doubt this... The Y cable is actually supplied for it to be compatible with USB 1 ports...
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