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  1. maharajadhiraj

    Need a good video editing software

    Hey dudes...I need a good video editing software shere I enter texts in between the videos, increase the contrast of videos, merge or break two videos etc...Which are the softwares u suggest?? I heard ulead video studio is a good software...do u suggest any other??
  2. maharajadhiraj

    N72 or N70 music edition???

    Hey guyz is N70 music edition better than N72???
  3. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Guyz I need to get a new mobile...Wich 1 shud i go for out of da 4 phones i mentioned (6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i) I am not too sure of v3i cos its sound quality isnt good and its camera is fair...
  4. maharajadhiraj

    Mobile Insurance?????

    I've heard that nowadays even mobile phones are being insured...Is it true??
  5. maharajadhiraj

    .AA and .AB files???

    Guys I recently downloaded 2 split files which had the extension .AA and .AB......How do I combine them to get the file????
  6. maharajadhiraj

    Lost mobile....How to retreive contacts from Nokia Phone Browser??

    I lost my mobile (Nokia 6630)....Is there any way by which I could retreive my contacts from the Nokia Phone Browser??
  7. maharajadhiraj

    Xilisoft 3gp Converter problem...

    Some of the videos that I am converting from the Xilisoft 3gp Video Converter are not being synchronized prperly...The sound is coming much later...The video quality isnt too good......Is there a problem wid d software...Could u guyz suggest some other softwares??
  8. maharajadhiraj

    need a wma player for 6630

    Hey dudes I recently dled wma plus...but it has some bug...my mp3 files dont play in d music player...so i had to uninstall it...u noe any other softwares??
  9. maharajadhiraj

    Will WWE Afterburn or any other N-Gage games run in 6630??

    Hey guyz I just got some N-Gage games like WWE Afterburn, Splinter Cell etc. Splinter Cell is working fine but WWE Afterburn is a 11.1 MB file. Will 6630 support it??
  10. maharajadhiraj

    Check out tyhe cool new (drool!!!) W900i

    Guyz check out this link for the review of W900i: http://www.mobile-review.com/review/sonyericsson-w900-en.shtml Sure u will wanna exchange ur w550i(if u own 1) for this!!!!!!
  11. maharajadhiraj

    Please offer this slution FAST. How to cut scenes from a DVD?????

    Hey guyz which softyware is to be used to cut scenes from a DVD???? Please reply fast.........I tried Ulead but its not working.........Please hurry as this is for the Fest we are hvin today..........
  12. maharajadhiraj

    Real Media Player problem in 6630

    Hey guyz, sometimez my real media player stops working. I have to restart my phone freqently to get it working. I think this has been happening since one of my friends had transfered a 3gp file via bluetooth. Actually that file didn't open and then the rest of my vids stopped working. After...
  13. maharajadhiraj

    How to view the saved contacts on the computer???

    Hey guyz after updating the contact list from the mobile(i own a 6630) to the computer via USB, and after disconnecting, how can I view my contacts? And the same goes for my messages.
  14. maharajadhiraj

    HELP!! NHL 2006 is not working.

    I recently downloaded NHL 2006. After installing, when I m running the game, its showing: Your 3D accelerater card and/or your video card could not be initialized properly. Please update the drivers for your 3D and/or video card. Contact your manufacturer to obtain the latest drivers...
  15. maharajadhiraj

    Rome:Total War expansion pack(Alexander)'s out

    Hey guyz, I was just browsin demonoid the other day and found that Rome:Total War's latest Exp. Pack is out, Alexander. Do check it out.
  16. maharajadhiraj

    need a phone, max budget : 8k

    i need a phone <=8k. It SHOULD HAVE A CAMERA.
  17. maharajadhiraj

    Guyz hows Nokia 7710??????

    Hey guyz, hows 7710?? Well one of my cousins wants to go for it. Should he go for it?? Well his budget is till 20k. He won't go for k750i, the walkman series, 6630, 6680,6681, N-series. He wants to try something different.......
  18. maharajadhiraj

    I finally got Mobile dictionaries

    Hey guyz I got at least 7-10 Dictionaries for Nokia S60 phones (Sorry to SE users :( ) . I've got : Business Dictionary English Dictionary Concise English Dictionary Professional(this one has ALL the words) and lots more....... If at least 15 of u want it, then reply, I will upload...
  19. maharajadhiraj

    Does Megapixels matter????

    Hey guyz, I really feel frustrated when people compare the mps of different cameras and say "This camera has more Mps so this is better". But is this true?? I mean I have tried out Nokia 6630, Nokia 6630, Nokia 3230 & W550i - all have 1.3 Megapixel camera but I saw that the quality of 6600 pics...
  20. maharajadhiraj

    Excellent site for mobile lovers

    Hey guyz I was just searching for Nokia 550 when I came upon this site: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/cellphones/ Its an excellent site for mobile lovers. Do check it out. Sure u'll love it.
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