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    firefox error "the name server refuses to perform the specified operation"

    Hey Saiyangoku, thanks for ur reply, just wanted to know if changing the DNS to ur values will make any probs with my speed, as of now I am following this instruction below to change my DNS as I am on XP To configure TCP/IP, follow these steps: Click Start, click Control Panel, click Network...
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    firefox error "the name server refuses to perform the specified operation"

    Hi guys, I don't know whats wrong with my browser it is throwing up some error on most of the sites that I visit does not have a HTTP:// at the beginning of the address only some sites like FB and other manage to get the HTTP and some I get the following error screenshot this happens in...
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    Best RIG for mobile repairs....Advice

    Hi guys, Have always worked on laptops for my need all this while..I am into cell phone repairs and my work takes up a lot of Usb ports, as i have to plug in dongles for various cell phone types....recently i laptop i was working is not sufficient for my day to day work...now there is a need of...
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    N97 or Omnia or Xperia X1 Suggestion Required

    As a cell phone unlocker...Omania is a **** phone..wen i read the Phone thru a special phone software... i found a lotta bugs in it..i wud rather suggest u go in for..nokia they are best and stable BR clifford
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    need to attach a printer but no parallel port for da lappy

    Hi guys...got a old dot matrix printer...how do i connect it to my laptop...its a dell inspiron 1525.... any bright ideas... Thanks in advance
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    Exe files opened as PHP files by firefox

    Hi guys, Need some urgent help...i have been using firefox for ages now never had a problem as this.... wenever i try to downlaod any exe file from the net..fire fox save it as a file called download.php(but with the true size) this means that i am able to save the whole file from the net but...
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    drivers needed for intex web cam

    Hi guys, Well misplaced the driver cd for my web cam.... where can i download the drivers for intex web cam MODEL:IT - 102 WC SB, If anyone has a idea plz let me know thaking in advance Clifford (goa)
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    MUST EAT FOOD recommended by DIGITIANS

    BEst for sharp brains : Goan FISH CURRY RICE....
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    Robots hidden in Firefox 3

    @ilugd..way to go bro... loved it
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    Kick @ss Virus

    bro..the error comes even wen i dont have the disk inside
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    Kick @ss Virus

    Hi Guys, well my friend bought a cd with pics..well poped it in n started to see the pic... after everything .... i had thsi prob.. "there is no disk in drive please insert a disk into drive"... I think its a virus... an someone help me regarding... as i got impt. data over the drives...
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    hi cheeta... sorry to barge in this way well got a issue..well planning to upgrade my self... have a budget of 22k..n am looking for a core2duo..with a mobo which can give me loads of usb support as i am into cell phone repairs n the dongle are mostly usb based for flashing n...
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    Robots hidden in Firefox 3

    I got some more about kitchensink about:config about:cache about:credits about:license about:buildconfig …and my favorite today: about:mozilla Try them out for the heck of it....
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    watched hancock....downlaoded it off the net...saw the initial part of it..went to the inox to get a better taste of it.. My verdict:its sucks!!!!!!!!
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    where is service center for Segate lost

    wat abt the data which is there on the drive...soemtimes its sensitive data n wat if the data is used in a wrong way
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    where is service center for Segate lost

    Hi guys, I have a maxtor portable drive (80GB) its still under warranty.. i had purchased it from Laminton road...now the guys at the shop are saying go to a service center n sort ur self out...i am residing in goa.... any one had ideas where i will be able to trace the service center here...
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    show me A comp Rig for 22k..loads f usb

    the above mentioned suggestion are ok...but the hadware that i plug in the usb extract a lot of power from them...so wat i am looking is that even if i use a hub..i want it with a power supply separately
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    show me A comp Rig for 22k..loads f usb

    Hi Guys, well planning to upgrade...i am into cell phone repairs n most of the time the software i use need a lot of usb connection to flash phones..so as of now i have a budget of 22000 on me....plz can u suggest a config which wud satisfy me by power as well as have a major amt of usb...
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    How to congig. thunderbird with Yahoo.. such a headache

    i tried the links b4 but it did not help....
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    Help installing driver for BSNL Modem

    i dont think so that u need drivers for it
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