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  1. mohit sharma

    Regarding Laptop table in Mumbai

    Hello guys, i am thinking about purchasing a laptop table, i had below linked product in my view, kindly suggest if it is okey, or give any other better choice? should i go through purchase on ebay or any better place to find it in mumbai? Ultra Portable Foldable Laptop Table With 2 USB...
  2. mohit sharma

    missing sound drivers in windows xp x64 sp2

    Hello People, I had recently installed windows XP with Windows 7 in dual boot mode, problem is in windows xp x64 sound is not working, in device manager: other devices: Audio Device On High Definiytion Audio Bus is shown in yellow question mark. (ref attached screenshot.) i am also...
  3. mohit sharma

    way to backup whole gmail account.

    Hello guys, Is there any way i could easily take all of my gmail account data ( like mails, saved chats) to offline store ? any way other then manually doing it ?
  4. mohit sharma

    Trouble in deciding external HDD

    Hello guys, I am planning to buy an external HDD, but i am getting it hard to decide which one, i prefer 1TB HD but can go for 500GB, because what matters most is the data i will store in it. i was going for 1TB goflex from seagate, but people suggested me about it's complaints of freequent...
  5. mohit sharma

    how to partition windows space ...

    long long time ago there was an article in an issue of Digit about how to partition ot ur 80 GB space on hard disk while installing windows , after a search in my big pile of old editions i m not able to found out the edition in which that article was :-( , so guys my query is : i had 160...
  6. mohit sharma


    guys , is there any laws regarding inflation of bills by a telecome companies by the way of manipulation of there billing softwares or hardwares ? didn't TRAI had laws regarding random checks of these companies's software systems ? because technically it's not big task to manipulate...
  7. mohit sharma

    k750i as webcam ?

    is there any way to use SE K750i as a webcam ?
  8. mohit sharma

    query regarding SE k750i

    hello guys , can't we shoot video's in k750i more then 10 sec. of lenght even if we are using 1 GB. of memory stick in it ?
  9. mohit sharma

    laser printer in under 8000

    well guys , i had searched a lot at this forum , but still can't find anything really relevant , can you please suggest me any good laser printer and model satisfying these criteria :: 1 :: at the maximum price of rs. 8000 , if lesser then better . 2 :: cost effective , as i had to...
  10. mohit sharma

    website for latest cellphone prices

    hello guys , at this forum quite before i had seen a link of website showing latest cellphone prices in India , if anyone of you knows about that website , please send me the link as i am unable to search that on digit forum , thanks
  11. mohit sharma

    good digicam selection

    hi friends , i am thinking of buying a digital camera withing 20 - 30 range , and as one of my friend is abroad so there will be no problem in getting models that are not available right now here . will u kindly help me by suggesting which models i can go for .................. thanks...
  12. mohit sharma

    divx format *.avi splitter

    hi guys , can anyone here suggest me a good software for splitting . avi format divx files movies ?? i tried ulta avi converter software , but it just takes tha task and then keeps waiting !!! what can be the problem ??
  13. mohit sharma

    SATA , non sata HDD connectivity

    one query :: i had non SATA hdd samsung 40 gb 7200 rpm , can i use sata or sata 2 hdd with the old hard drive simultaneosly i.e. on other IDE ?????
  14. mohit sharma

    download accelarators

    hello guys , plz. suggest me any good download accelarator ( either free or paid ) , which integrates itself with browser automatically without any problem ?? except download accelarator plus because u all know , tht comes with spywares bundled with it !!!
  15. mohit sharma

    any way of permanent replacement of IE ???

    hi guys , i had a question to ask ?? can't we just replace IE from our windows xp by opera or firefox fully , i mean can't i just remove IE from my xp forever and replace all it's activities with something good like opera or firefox ??? looking forward for your help ????
  16. mohit sharma

    linux's imporatance ????? important plz. comment ??

    well guys , i am a bit confused these days about linux and unixes , well at this time i know the following imporatances of using open source operating systems , these are :: 1 :: they are open sourse , so we can manipulate them as we like to . 2:: they are free. 3 :: less prone to viruses...
  17. mohit sharma

    nokia warranty ?????

    i had a nokia 2112 bough 4 months ago only , and therefore still in warrenty period , today it's charger ( supplied with it ) got some problem and is not working !! i want to ask does warrenty is also applicable to charger that comes along with mobile ??? please tell me as i am in great...
  18. mohit sharma

    how to restructure my partitions

    well my partiotion structure is more or less same as was given 2 years ago by my vendor !!!!! i can change partitions a bit using xp cd , i mean can murge or saperate 2 adjoining partitions only , but i need to have multiple changes , i try to use fdisk , but is not provided in xp ...
  19. mohit sharma

    language used in xp ??

    do anyone know which high level languages were used mostly for the development of WINDOWS XP ??
  20. mohit sharma

    sourse codes of linuxes

    open source means source codes are open but is there any site from which i can download entire souse code of any linux ?? by the way which language is preflably used for making any linux ??
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