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  1. girishpaiv

    The Best Phone under 18k : Gionee Elife E5 <-to let all know->

    Had a lot of confusions on which phone to buy and i just landed buying the best phone in 18k, yes am confident !!.. The Gionee Elife E5 @ 18.2k(i bought from local store) [available on ebay @17k] http://gionee.co.in/wp-content/uploads/3111.png Official site Review by gogi Its months of...
  2. girishpaiv

    Movie/music spakers 4k

    Guys please suggest me great speakers for near 4k mainly for movies n music in my hostel room(i think 2.1 will be better here..) I read earlier posts n seems like everyone r reccomenting Edifier C2 But it seems this one :Sony SRS D8 is highly rated n favoured in FK... What do you say...
  3. girishpaiv

    IvyB(3rdgen) hotter than SB(2nd gen)??

    Is core i7 IB more temperature producing than i7 SB ??is it something thats not negligible??:-? Does lower max TDP means safer?? (i7 3610QM[2.3Ghz] :45W while i7 3612QM[2.1Ghz] :35W)
  4. girishpaiv

    Good Laptops near 60k

    Guys pls suggest some VFM models and specify the one u wil pick from those ... Its for photoshop and gaming... Requirements : *Core i7 Quad core(preferably 3rd gen) *Ram max expandable to 16gb (atleast 8gb) *15.6" screen or more (Preferably Full HD) *GPU : Better than...
  5. girishpaiv

    new mobile at 7k pls suggest

    Hi guys I need to buy a new mobile(My first one) Budget: Near 7-8k Features: Really Good battery life Decent camera(>= 3.2 MP) with flash wifi,3g Preferred Form Factor is :bar , Prefer good manufactures like nokia samsung,lg,sony etc Please suggest at least 3 phones(so that i can...
  6. girishpaiv

    PC Automatcally Shutdowns!!!

    This problem has started since a few weeks!I dont know why but my pc just shutdowns automatically! The load due to which my PC Shutdowns now,was working perfectly,without any problem a few months back!! My System is almost 2 yrs old: Mainboard : Intel D101GGC Processor : Intel Pentium 4...
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