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  1. constantine

    Need help configuring Thomson TWG850 1 ETI (BSNL connetion)

    Hey guys! I recently got a Thomson TWG850 1 ETI (modem) from a friend in Dubai. I have tried configuring it for my BSNL connection and i cant seem to get it to work. I'm not sure if im doing something wrong or if the modem wasn't meant to work here in the first place. There isnt much info i...
  2. constantine

    T-mobile Sidekick !

    Hey ! im gonna get a T-mobile sidekick LX 2009! and i wanted to know if it'll work in india ? with all its features ? please help me out ppl! TY in advance! :)
  3. constantine

    HELP!trojan.win32.Refroso.brs ! unable to delete! keeps shutting down explorer!

    Help ppl! damn stupid trojan keep shutting down explorer process. and i gotta keep restarting! and kaspersky detects it and options provided - allow or block! unable to delete!!! and it keeps trying to access - creanodesign.com/php/dol.exe! i need help deleting this!!!! plz help!!!!!
  4. constantine

    M-Tech Laptops! beat Alienware by a longshot in both price range and performance!!!

    Hey Everyone have a look at these laptops! they are freakin awesome!!! i havent seen better - not even falcon and voodoo beat them and especially not alienware! i think they are the first to incorporate an i7 onto a laptop . and yes there is no i7 mobile version . core to extreme was the last...
  5. constantine

    Does anyone study in DSK international institute of design (pune)?

    Please help me out here i need to find someone who studies in DSK ! i need some clearance on how good the institute is !
  6. constantine

    Need help figuring out where to join for Game developement course ?

    I need to find out which institute in india or abroad offers the best course on game developement. i would like to take up a degree course not a diploma nor certificate course. please suggest some institutes - thee courses and the fee rating. Thanks.
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