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    Any alternatives to N79

    Hi guys I want to buy a phone today. Budget is <=13k. I have settled on N79. ( I dont want a touch screen:smile:!) Can you suggest me some alternatives (in SE, Moto etc ) . Camera's not a make-or break factor for me , looks are and so is music. I have not followed mobiles for a long...
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    [Preview + Feedback] Digit November 2007

    Yea I agree Utsav , generally companies ensure that there is no fraud by sending a guy over and he takes away ur defective cd /dvd and gives a fresh replacement . I just wanted Suse , that I can download anyway in a day , so I wont bother with courier if they tell me to.
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    [Preview + Feedback] Digit November 2007

    Bought Digit Mag on Diwali . Opened today to read .... Mag contents were better last time .. nothing seemed too inviting this time around . My DVD /CD aint working . I have emailed help@jasubhai.com . If no response , well more power to them , I ain't buying it from next month.
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    Waste CDs- Any use?

    I thought everybody used old coasters to keep coffee strains off their computer tables .
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    Delhi boys!

    May I propose Mirchis in Ansal Plaza or which is that cheap pub near PVR Plaza in CP
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    HDD trouble...plz help

    Maybe bring his hard disk over to ur place and format it in Disk Management EDIT : If nothing else works .. throw the HDD at the service centre
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    How to copy files from Ubuntu to XP ?

    Thanx guys , will try em , hopefully I'll be able to complete downloading the Star Wars collection :-)
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    How to copy files from Ubuntu to XP ?

    Hey Can anybody tell me how to copy a file from ext3 to NTFS . There are some incomplete downloads in Ubuntu I'd like to continue in Windows XP , but how to do it ?
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    The Ultimate Ubuntu Customization Guide!

    Hey Dark Star I followed your guide and installed gDesklets but when i open it it starts a terminal .How do I add Desklets to it . Iv gone to Preference > Sessions and made it to start when Gutsy starts up.
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    Post Your GNU/Linux Desktop here

    ^^ Theme ? Environment ?
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    Master Hardware Contact List

    Does Sony have a service center in Nehru place. I want to get my DVD burner repaired.
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    Open Source

    Thanx a ton , boss .
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    Open Source

    Im using amd64 version of Gutsy. How do I verify the packages I'm downloading are 64 bit or 32 bit ? Are the Update manager and Synaptic going to download 32 bit or 64 bit packages ? Thanx
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Dont know if these were mentioned b4 Serpico ( *ing Al Pacino : classic cop corruption movie which hasnt beeb bettered since ) Mean Streets ( Early Marty Sco movie - a bit rough on the edges but a young De Niro and Harvey Keitel shine through )
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: All Graphics Cards related queries here. Wherever I checked , the GTS320 is priced higher than the 8800GT ( only newegg :D )
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: All Graphics Cards related queries here. Why is this Yantraonline so grossly overcharging for the 8800GT card ? Even though a higher priced card in the US sells cheaper than this in India .
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    WHOA 8800 GT (G92) Review!!!

    Hmm I think the drivers ka 'jhuta dilasa' will be very much needed by the 8800GTS320 folks exp the ones who bought it 1-2 weeks ago .
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    WHOA 8800 GT (G92) Review!!!

    ^^ Underperforming ?? Which reviews have u been reading , mate ?
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    8800 GT available for 14900+taxes

    Yess .. One thread to rule em' all :p
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    TV tunner card

    Wat about us unfortunate souls who have been subjected to Set Top Boxes ? What kind of compatibility do TV tuner cards have with these ?
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