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    Any cell Phone for Under 2k !!!!URGENT

    I have an LG cdma phone, and a ZTE GSM phone if you want. You can look it up: 1) LG RD3100 and 2) ZTE F850 But why not buy a new cell phone..second hand ones can be unreliable. :)
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Hi, does anyone know whats up with DDR2 prices lately? they seem to be fluctuating unpredictably... apparently some supply side issues.. whats the best quote you guys are getting for the benchmark transcend ddr2 667/800 ? thanks
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    check your PM dude
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    Hardware that you should NOT buy

    ^^^^ hey zbuu Why Seagate??? They're pretty good
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    19inch black CRT for 2500 with warranty - mumbai

    Hi, Sorry for hijacking this thread. Can someone tell me what price to expect for a 6 year old Samsung Syncmaster 753S (17" CRT) ? I feel that Rs. 2000 is reasonable. Anyone interested here? I'm based in Ahmedabad. Regards, DJ Is anyone interested in a 6 yr old {celeron 850...
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    All Memory (Ram) related queries here.

    I would just like to say here that some motherboards are very picky about allowing dual channel operation. I recently tested two 1GB modules (transcend 667) on a DG965WH, which would show up with errors in memtest86, MS memory diag. etc., but only in dual channel mode. In single channel mode...
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    Core 2 Duo - 1066 MHz - budget =7k

    To answer your question about the ICH: It again requires digging deep into the highly verbose Intel manuals. The max. temperature for the ICH is 92 C, and MCH is 102 C or so. So your in the 'safe' range. What kind of fan arrangement do you have in your chassis? Whats the ambient room...
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    Core 2 Duo - 1066 MHz - budget =7k

    You really need to inquire at pc hardware stores in your city about which CPUs are available - coz you have most of your information from online sources, but the real market conditions may vary. I too agree with the E4XXX suggestion, no point in spending more money... The E2XXX series is...
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    Core 2 Duo - 1066 MHz - budget =7k

    Hey, Well, a lot of what I said in the other thread has already been mentioned by the other more knowledgeable folks. But seeing your board AA#, please keep in mind that Quad cores will NOT be supported in any case, sorry man, I too face the same problem. :) Yeah its a hardware thing, not a...
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Hey, I've had the same motherboard, the DG965WH for more than an year now. I know it cant be overclocked, but its really stable and a capable performer at stock speeds. I feel you'll be much better off to just wait for a couple of months, and buy a new CPU when your new motherboard arrives...
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