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    Help with ADSL router- Asus/TP-Link

    One of my friend is looking for ADSL2 Modem router within buget of 1.5 - 2k in 150 Mbps series. He want to use it for his home of area of about 1200 sqft & with length range of about 50ft. (if he keep router in center of his home, considering both side of length) He is kind of more fan of Asus...
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    Help required to finalise b/w these ADSL2+ wifi routers

    Hi, I am posting first time in this forum, I am from Kolkata, saltlake area. I have two options for ADSL2+ wifi router for my Broadband (am applying BSNL connection as soon as pooja holidays are over here), have budget of Rs.2k/- & not more than that. Devices - I have two laptops, two...
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