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  1. Rajneesh

    HELP!!File Stops Downloading ~99%

    Have you tried Hotspot shield ?The Problem has nothing to do with junk files, viruses, browser or dm else a clean format should solve the problem. I think its related to ip/dns.
  2. Rajneesh

    HELP!!File Stops Downloading ~99%

    Download and install Hotspot Shield Try to download the file with IDM while Hotspot shield is on (Protection Mode).
  3. Rajneesh

    How to check- who has added my Youtube videos on Orkut Video

    I have uploaded videos on my YouTube Account/Chanel Is there any way to know - Who has added my videos on Orkut (Videos) or is there any way to know where my videos are linked?
  4. Rajneesh

    what should i learn to be a web developer? Plz help

    Thanks victor Rambo for your response. I am agree with you that just knowing the syntax of a language cannot make you a programmer. I am starting from PHP and mysql and will post my script here again for members review. Thanks again bro.
  5. Rajneesh

    what should i learn to be a web developer? Plz help

    Hi friends I want to be a professional web developer. I am absolute beginner in this field. I learned only HTML, (XHTML). I searched the net for what languages and software I should learn and found.. (1) (X)HTML (2) CSS (3) PHP (4) MYSQL (5) JAVA SCRIPT And adobe...
  6. Rajneesh

    How to access all drives/dir. frm recovery console???

    24 Hrs and no reply, am i on thinkdigit forum!!!!!!!! Geeks, Help me plz
  7. Rajneesh

    How to access all drives/dir. frm recovery console???

    I have windows xp sp2 installed on my system. When i boot my system using windows xp bootable cd and try to access drives or folders other then root directory from recovery console, an Access denied error occurred. I know the recovery console provide cmd console with some restrictions. My...
  8. Rajneesh

    Most commonly used Definations

    /\ good work...
  9. Rajneesh

    Dead Blue Screen in XP sp2

    0x0000004E: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT This indicates that the memory management Page File Number list is corrupted. Can be caused by corrupt physical RAM, or by drivers passing bad memory descriptor lists. if you have installed more then one stick of RAM, remove one of the stick and reboot your system...
  10. Rajneesh

    System restarting, donno how !

    Your system is infected with W32.Rontokbro@mm virus followings are the symtoms of this virus 1. when you try run-> msconfig, system restarts 2. when you try run -> regedit, "Registry Editing has been disabled by your system administrator" error 3. "Folder option" menu under tools has been...
  11. Rajneesh

    I Can't Start my PC at one time!!

    This could be due to overheating. Check your processor fan,thermal pest and position of heatsink.
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