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    How do I open a torrent file

    Have downloaded a torrent file. It has opened to folders CD1 and CD2 CD1 has 1 folder containing bin file 31 RAR files 1 SFV file 14 files (R3o to R41) How do i proceed further ? Please guide me Regards Nariman
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    Could not load installer dor diskdrive

    Am using XP SP Today I get message :" Could not load installer for diskdrive". Cannot even install updates .Where is the installer for diskdrive ? Need expert help Nariman
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    New HDD and SP3 gives problems

    Ever since I changed to a new HDD and reloaded XP SP3 am having problems. 3) Computer has become very slow. 2) Net is slow. 3) Games hang duringplay. (All games have been installed fresh). I wonder whether it could be due to SP3. Previously I had no such problems. Any suggestions as to...
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    Need help with iTunes

    After having installed new HDD and installed xP Pro Sp2 and SP3 cannot get iTunes working. After installing iTunes and Quicktime when I start itunes i get message :"ITunes Library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes. Earlier everything was fine and had no...
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    What is Babruisk.info & how to get rid of it

    Am using XP Pro SP2. IE & FIREFOX as browsers. Avast personal free as av. Everytime i start Firefox the status bar shows waiting for babruisk.info. What is this and how can i eleminte it IE does not show this. Have uninstalled firefox and reinstalled it but to no avail. Any suggestions...
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    Need help with c:Windows\system32.cmd.exe

    Am using XP Pro SP2 A few days back had installed Longhorn Transformation Pack. After a long hassle have been able to uninstall it. There is no trace of it on my system. However everytime i start my computer i get a screen as under : __________________________________________________...
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    Problem with System Restore

    Am using XP SP2 Since the last couple of days System Restore does not work. It gives message "There are no restore points created yet for this day. To restore immediately, pick another day and restore point, and then try again.' There is no calander displayed, I created a new restore point...
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    Word cannot open the document.

    My grand daughter had opened a word document using Office 2003 sometime back for her project, Now when she tries to open the document she get message : "Word cannot open the document. User does not have access privileges." Need help to resolve this problem and open file Thanks Regards Nariman
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    help me with slow opening exe files

    I have a problem. A problem which persists even after a clean format and fresh installation of OS and programs. When I click on any .exe file it takes more than 30 to 50 seconds for its execution. All this time the cursor is busy as it was searching for something. Thereafter every thing is...
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    What's wrong with my IE7 ?

    What's wromg with mt my IE7 ? Am using XP Pro SP2. My Broadband (256 Kbs) Internat Service Provider is Hathway. Every thing is working, although slowly, i cannot change my password, profile, etc. On my homepage www.hathway.com I select email, user id, password, city and click on login. After...
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    Tsonic 610 does not showup in My Computer

    Am using XP Pro SP2. When I connect my Tsonic 610 to USB port there is no messae. Only the icon for "Its safe to remove..." appears on the task bar. When I open My computer there is no mention of Tsonic. However Tsonic is shown as drive K in Disk Management and is also listed in Device...
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    Need help with XP Ptro SP2 problems

    Having failed to resolve problems with XP Pro SP2 formated my 'C' drive and reinstalled XP SP2, IE7 and all other software used by me. Now m faced with 2 new problems. 1) When my grandson goes to www.wwe.com the home page opens with all graphics. However when he clicks on any one of the...
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    Need help with CHKDK /F

    Need help with CHKDSK /F Am using Win XP Pro SP2. Have checked my 80 GB Sata HDD with Seagate SeaTools for DOS v1.08PH as well with C: Properties ->Tools ->Error Checking ->Check Now for option Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors and both have reported no errors...
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    Disappearing free space on 'C' crive

    Am using Win XP Pro SP 2 with 2 x 256 mb ram. Since the last more thn a week am facing a strange problem. This came to light when I got messge "No free space to save file". On checking propery of 'c' Drive I found no free space left. I restarted the machine and on rechecking property of...
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    Inordinate delay in accessing my drives

    Am using WinXP Pro SP2 with 512 mb ram Indeing Service off When I click on Start -> My Computer it instantly opens. However when I click on anyone of the drives in My Computer it lakes more than 10 to 20 seconds to open the selected drive. Thereafter averyrhing is fine. Need your help to...
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    A weird problem in WinXP

    Hi, Am using WinXP Pro SP2. I have a weird problem. My computer just just shuts down and restarts at times several times and at imes eventually shuts down. No errors messages apear before the reboot. The info in Event Viewer log is as under : Event Type: Error Event Source...
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    Server Not Found - Need help ASAP

    Am using WinXP Pro SP2 and Hathway Cable Internet 256 kb. Since yesterday cannot access the net. Get message Server not found. The samething with Dialup network. The techmical person from Hathway connected his laptop to my modem and it worked fine. He suggested I call my hardwareman...
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    Help me understand Event Viewer and Resolve issue

    Am using WinXP Pro SP2. Require help to understand Event Manager and resolve the issue. Atleast once a day my system shuts down with message : This system is shuting down. Please save all work........ The shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.Message : Windows must now restart...
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    Nt Authority/system Shutdown

    Am using WinXP PRO SP2 Since the last two days I get message once or twice to the effect that NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM Shutdown within 60 seconds. Just cannot resolve this and hence this post. Please help. My Hijackthis file is as under : Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 10:14:19 AM...
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    Error message

    ERROR MESSAGE Am using WinXP Pro SP2 and NOD32. Often when I am on the net I get the following message : nod32krn.exe - Application Error The instruction at "8x0044bde5" referenced at "0x00000014". the memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate program CLICK cANCEL TO DEBUG...
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