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    suggest a gud portable media player

    hi frnds ... plz suggest me a gud portable media player under 3300 rs . i shud go for mp4 player or iPod shuffle ?? if other than iPod shuffle than please tell me the player information ... thi is my first time buying a portable media player ..so dont know much.thanx in advance .
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    group discussion (URGENT)

    hi frenz... any1 knows where can i find contents for various topics on gd .. as im in my final yr b.tech. n going through campus selection ,so pls tell any area to see for it ... thanx in advance .
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    suggest good e-book or book for socket programming

    hi frnz im gonna work for a lan based chatting & other featured project , suggest good e-book or book for socket programming .
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    help needed urgently,pc hanging,pls help

    hi guys im in gr8 prob my pc is hanging right from bios ,this is going on for 2 days .i dont know wats prob,if it gets on then it hang on while running any prog on xp. all in all my pc is juz hanging whether it be on bios ,if it gets forward from that then it hangs on further processes. can...
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    how to receive n send mails from own site(plz help its urgent)

    hi frnz !! i want to send and receive mails through my site ,for thi my host is providing neomail but it doesnt support addressbook . finally i want to have any mail program on my site with an addressbook !!! any idea to get rid off from this prob ... plz help me guys its urgent !!!!!!
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    wordpress installing prob in site

    hi frnz for many days im trying to install wordpress on my site but after spending many hours im now vry much hopeless !!! after modifying wordpress when im installing it ,its showing that "error connecting database". wat i had to change in web-config.php file is this for database...
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    how to write in hindi on web page,notepad,word n anyelse

    anybody know how to write in hindi on any web page as we see these days many ppl r writting in english n hindi both !!!! i got a s/w for this but that didnt worked properly on my pc,may b i wasnt able to track it !!! can anybody telll me any s/w for this or any other trick ....
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    want to add to news flash

    hi frnds ,i want to add to news flash in my site can i do so without spending any money !!!!
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    personal site's probs

    i want to add a search option in my site can any body tell how i can do this ??? the search would be done by google or yahoo and also inside the site !!!! im making my personal site .so any body can tell how would i add a flash photo viewer .from where i can get this viewer ??? any...
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    probs after installing ubuntu or any linux

    recently i've installed ubuntu ,im a newbie in linux ,can any1 tell which s/w i install like in windows media player,winamp,modifying look bcoz its too bad luking, generally used s/w. can i install adobe's and macromedia products directly on linux as wat i did on windows??? can anybody...
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    pc booting again n again

    pls help me guys tomorrow i cleaned my room & pc ,after all that when i started my pc it just shows intel start screen & again start booting !!! wats this problem is??? can any1 help????
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    username & password problem in oracle 10g,pls help !!!

    hi guys today i've downloaded oracle 10g & installed on my pc but when im trying to open sql plus a username & password query comes in ,in my collg sir told to use scott & tiger as username & password but its not working . if any1 know pls help me!!! mine weapons down ...
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    how to use png's as icons

    how to use png's as icons can anybody tell??? & how to change system's whole icon's like my computer,recycle bin,folders etc. , i had downloaded stylexp but nothing worked for me.
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    shud go 4 c++ or java ,vb ??????

    guys im around a big problem now!!!! after a month my collg is having its annual fest in which varoius dance & software & other competions r held. this year i want to participate so im little bit confused which language to use java or vb.net but i dont know both whereas i know c++ but...
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    unable to find thread in this forum for free cds

    guys i've spented hr. to find the link in this forum for free cds we can get by ordering on different sites . there was a thread i saw 1 month before ,in which section im lacking, i had ordered xp service pack 2 & ubuntu cd's ,i got them & so want to order for more but unable to find link...
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    change background of opened folder,HOW???

    can any1 know how to change background of any folder when it opened to any pic ??? my frnd done but he says it happens only on windows98
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    pic as a signature in mails ????how

    how can i use any pic as a signature in my mails ???? anybody know how??? also can anybody know how to use pics inside mail ??? im unable to use pics inside my mails . plz help...
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    wats difference between mac & windows ?????

    well any1 know how mac is different from windows ??? can any1 also tell wats the difference in boths hardware??? if i want mac then wat i have to change the whole system or only CPU or any component of CPU can i install mac's os on my pc ???? i dont know much abt mac .
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    how to pasword protect any folder in windows xp

    any1 know how to pasword protect any folder in windows xp. having administrator's account doesnt help me as my bro studying in class 7 see my document's folder by going to c:/documents & settings/gaurav/my documents plz help me
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    how do i install these icons ???

    i've downloaded various icons packed in a zip file & a winrar file . now how do i install these icons ??? can any body tell me ...
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