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    PS Font Library

    Who says this open source code is also applicable to windows as well as MAC see GNU
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    PS Font Library

    Can anyone has idea about PS Font library.. which works both for MAC & windows.
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    which phone to buy?

    :) i think Nokia is costly only for their brand name. I refer Sony Ericsson 790i.
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    blue screen

    Have you Real player. if yes then uninstall it, also uninstall jet audion. then install KLITE codec. as same problem occurs then i do this thing hope that this will solve your problem
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    Computer Start-Up Help

    Have you bRoadband connection. If yes then this seems to be as when your system starts it ineract with your modem to get IP. when it get IP it runs smoother.
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    File properties

    How to change all properties of an EXE file, provided that its functionality does not change at all
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    Network Data Transfer

    I have attached many systems through HUB, How can i got the information about each and every computer connected to HUB. if i have access and do not have. maininly concentrate on the internet. what he surf and download in the real time.
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    Search Engine Optimization

    I am new to this can you please tell me about the procedure, google adsense i know but they do not activate my account and about other i do not know.
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    Search Engine Optimization

    Thanks for support I submitted it to dmoz and hope that evrything is going fine, How can i earn money through a web site. any idea
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    system does not turn on

    the smps works fine with other p4
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    system does not turn on

    I have P4 [ 1.5 GHz] 128MB SD, Mercury 845, the system is the owner of system means that it automatically turn off and do not start and start after some time or 1 day.
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    Noise in Hard Disk...

    You have good configuration, Fan of processor makes noice first and about the sata HDD, two or three time it makes noice. once system is powered then it is switched on and when windows loaded. the last noice is optional as the speed difference is high as compared to processor so it makes noice...
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    RD RAM

    750-128 MB 1250 - 256 MB 2250 - 512 MB
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    Search Engine Optimization

    Can anyone tell me about the serch engine optimization, how to place the web in the first ten results.
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    LOTUS Smartsuite

    Thanks for your support, The data is crusical and can not be opened, [Govt. Office] they provide me the files and ask me to convert them to MSWORD. the format they given me is only read by lotus and they do not allow me to take the data to home and their licence has expired and they do not...
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    LOTUS Smartsuite

    The problem is that i have to convert some data from smartsuite to my database which is not possible without lotus pack. so I just need this package to get the settings.
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    LOTUS Smartsuite

    Do you know from where to download the trial version of lotus smartsuite or lotus 123, word pro. this is good office suite by IBM but not able to get anny link on net.
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    Free hosting Try www.brinkster.com. the educational package they offer 50 Mb space with access and mysql database.
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    DOT Net

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    Free web hosting and domain or Subdomain

    free redirecting hello friends i try one link, named dot.tk which is very good for redirecting try this
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