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  1. jpushkarh

    Do Cheap Chargers damage/harm Mobile /Cell phone?

    have a look [New Idea] Use SMPS to power your devices.. !! Have u heard AC, DC, RMS Values, Peak Values & Ground words ? I dout ... AC has Some frequency, and DC is w/o frequency or Zero frequency (Battery)..... But when you convert AC into DC like charger Some frequency remains you...
  2. jpushkarh

    Required Mobile Under 2K

    Have a look @ Huawei 5510 [Review] Huawei u5510 - Fully Loaded, Super Fast, Super Smooth, Java Phone !!
  3. jpushkarh

    How big should be your Smartphone?

    Or samsung should start selling Special Note 2 Jeans ha ha :lol:
  4. jpushkarh

    best buy for 18000 - 21000

    Phone Near 20K : for New Engg Student
  5. jpushkarh

    mobile below 4k

    go for Huawei u5510 My Review @ [Review] Huawei u5510 - Fully Loaded, Super Fast, Super Smooth, Java Phone !!
  6. jpushkarh

    Is it a good time to buy a laptop? Need your suggestions on timing and options- Budget 50-53k

    For this task do you need i7 ? i3 & i5 Might be sufficient one .. I am also in same Dilemma that to wait for W8 pro Tab or pick any lap .. I want lap for Development mainly mob I cant use desk because my office is on Ground Floor & I live on First Floor .. Ha ha ha Freelancer...
  7. jpushkarh

    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Re: Mobile Buying Guide: September 2012 I have written noobs review for Huawei u5510 at Techenclave .... [Review] Huawei u5510 - Fully Loaded, Super Fast, Super Smooth, Java Phone !! .. I have used only 2-3 feature phones yet so . Your experts comment will be helpful .... Have a look @...
  8. jpushkarh

    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Re: The 1-STOP Mobile Buying Guide: August 2012 Any comment on Huawei u5510 I am using it & liked it Very much..
  9. jpushkarh

    Participate in Windows App Challenge Contest and Win One Assured Windows Phone

    Submit or appear on app hub .... to receive gift vouchers .. How they identify thinkdigit members ..? am I ? BTW i am not a programmer .. But willing to be app developer .. should i go for it ... any !dea of win phone model & gift voucher we will get ...
  10. jpushkarh

    Post your latest Purchase

    12-Apr-11 AMD Athlon II X3 440 (Rs.3300) Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H (Rs.4300) Corsair 2GB DDRIII 1333MHz VS2GB1333D3 G (Rs.1050/1200) lamington road.
  11. jpushkarh

    PC Buying Guide - July 2011

    off Topic I recently (12-Apr) bought AMD Athlon II X3 440 (Rs.3300) + Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H (Rs.4300) + Corsair 2GB DDRIII 1333MHz VS2GB1333D3 G (Rs.1050/1200) from lamington road. Q: I wonder what is idle CPU Temperature ? & fan speed ? I found w/o doing any oc Just running as is i...
  12. jpushkarh

    I Month old SAMSUNG E250 MOBILE

    :) Very Good offer Give me some one 4000 Rs. :(
  13. jpushkarh

    SATA Problem with P5RD1

    no relay ok we r going to change our sata to pata
  14. jpushkarh

    SATA Problem with P5RD1

    hi friends , my friend has brougt P5RD1 recently, Our configuration is P5RD1+ intel p4 2.66 Ghz, 512 MB hynix ram & weston digital SATA 80 GB hdd. We recived excelent performance with this rig but we have a simple problem we have to use SATA drivers from floppy with every Windows...
  15. jpushkarh

    [By Demand] Digit September 2006 DVD/CD

    i want to say the same thanks :- killerinstinct2
  16. jpushkarh

    what is the price of sonyericsson W900i???

    prise of all SE phones @ original Deler @ Aurangabad MS is 85-90% of rise mentained on IndiaGSM http://www.indiagsm.com/search1.asp?s1=Sony%20ericsson%20
  17. jpushkarh

    Which P2P network is the best?

    :arrow: After reading all of this lot more comments i decided to try :!: p2p s/w for first time i will try Lime Wire & BitTorent Thx to all :P
  18. jpushkarh

    Wonderful download manager....

    only opera or ie + flashget
  19. jpushkarh

    Antivirus Software Comparison

    :arrow: this is reality that i am not using antivirus from 2-3 years. with internet & lots of HDD to HDD Xfer no problems. i tried Norton & kaspersky norton is much slows doun ur pc but recenty i installed kav persnol pro 60 day Evl ver it also slows down my pc so i stopped its service. i...
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