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    Headphones under 4K

    op isn't interested in replying, I think he's dead XD
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    Sub 5k SSD suggestion needed. Is 60GB SSD enough?

    ocz agility 3 is 6.4k on Flipkart and a. kingston v+200 90gb version is 5k why 60gb 120gb is bare minimum ..let alone 60gb I have v+200 120gb and I cannot install all of my games in it * I have bf3 and other fps in it* and as you don't have tons of games in your pc buy 120gb ...ocz agility...
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    please help !!!!!

    buy gtx660ti if you cannot buy a hd7950!
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    Need help for Gaming PC for friend...

    +1 for this rig if op wants to save some cash he can buy a gigabyte b75@4.3k and PSU "seasonic eco600 600w@4.3k from Flipkart" ...or corsair vs550 550w@3.1k from np so he can buy gtx660ti now good luck
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    Cooler master Xornet vs Logitech G300

    get g400 it's 1.6k in np..or cheaper :) I had this mouse for awhile, great mouse ,feels great in hand, I didn't found a con in it...just I wanted something else ...if you're a palm user g400 is great xornet & g300 aren't made for palm user! g400 best bang for the buck you can have a look at...
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    IB PC for 100k(Gaming Only)

    change the mobo to gigabyte z77 xd3h@11.5k and for gaming only buy i5 3570k@13k why ax750? buy tx750@6.3k change the gpu to gtx670 power edition @??k *25-26k* change the chassis to cooler master haf 912 combat @4.1k *buy haf 912 advance if you can or haf 922* why 6 led fans?? a front led...
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    7950 vs 660ti??

    flip a coin ..! get whichever you want both cards will be great for 1080p if you don't overclock get gtx660ti but if you overclock. and want more performance ,then hd7950 is way to go...and guys don't type bullshit about amd drivers ..I didn't had any problems with their drivers!
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    Looking for i7 based PC (without display)

    yeah ,they have a shop, it's in the same row left to right ...smc is first, c.e is second and ctc(new) is third, don't be confused by the building name they're all attached by corridor or row whatever that is I don't even what we call that rasta in hindi.
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    RIG Setup i7 3770K - help reqd

    corsair tx650@5.5k or cheaper!?! cabinet :cooler master haf 912 combat @4.2k and a coller master hyper evo..baat khatam:) I'm using it ...definitely go for it they are pretty awesome but vangeance is a great ram also , flip a coin!
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    Headphones under 4K

    razor charcharias from Flipkart they're awesome for gaming & music
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    Need Bare Minimum PC for Programming Stuff [Budget - 12k-15K]

    you want a full pc in 15k... monitor hi 4500 ka aaega? 10.5k m sirf Pentium g630@3k asus p8h61mlx@2.5k 4gb adata 1333mhz@900rs. cheap chassy@900rs with smps/psu 200rs. kb/mouse local wala hdd:320gb 2.3k...not sure optical drive 600rs. koi si bhi
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    Best cpu/gpu combo

    very bad combination ..what's your exact budget? why upgrade to i5 in future? wbu haswell? actually with g630/645 you're better off with a hd7750 and at you resolution it'll easily handle everything you're gonna throw at it...?
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    Gaming PC required at 50k

    CPU :fx8350@12k Motherbord: Asus m..a97 rev 2.0@6.7k it's beast in performance, believe me it feels a bit snappy in windows compared to my i5 3570k highly recommended but it depends on you,no fanboy just saying these piledriver CPUs are very underrated :( and go for seasonic ECO600 600w@4.3k...
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    gtx670 price info. in nehru place?

    thanks guys!! just bought sapphire hd7970 oc duelX 27k also ordered the benq xl2420t from Flipkart thanks guys really appreciate your help please close this thread mods!! yeah..I bought it yeah...I bought it thanks but I bought the sapphire oc version for 27k
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    gtx670 price info. in nehru place?

    no..I wasn't buying from it. I was finding a case 400r at that time and he had it ...and we were having the arguments and then he said he wanted to buy a gtx670 zotac and told me the price (*I was shocked *) 24k :p that was the reason for him to sell 400r ,but the deal didn't set up and I just...
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    gtx670 price info. in nehru place?

    great...if it's 22k then I might get it ...but I'm more keen on hd7970 if possible or else I'll just buy the hd7950 vapor X :)
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    gtx670 price info. in nehru place?

    my budget is 26-28k ...sapphire hd7970ghz is 31k in np. smc it's the fastest single card I know ..and how much does the msi gtx670 P.E Costs also the sapphire hd7970 oc (,not ghz edition, ) or from any other brand ....!! the reson is if gtx670 is cheaper I'll buy it if hd7970 is cheaper or...
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    gtx670 price info. in nehru place?

    as the title suggest, do anyone knows the current price of gtx670 in NP, I wanna buy one I was thinking of " "evga gtx670 ftw" msi gtx670 power edition gigabyte gtx670 wf3 please help me out! and availability & pricing also ...and just so you guys know I have a alternative choice it...
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    gaming build 100k maxxxxx.........

    here's my suggestion asrock z77 extreme4@10.1k g.skill 4gb*2 ripjaws @2.6k corsair 400r@4.4k i5 3570k @13.5k seasonic eco 600w@4.3k fkart or a corsair hx650/tx650!! Logitech g400@1.6k a good kb for 600 frm Logitech and a decent mouse pad sapphire vapor-x hd7970ghz@31k and a good 27"...
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    Need a Mid-Gaming rig under 35K

    amd fx4300 (wait till December for it)@6.8-7k gigabyte 880 d2h@3.7k g.skill ripjawsX 4gb ddr3@1.4k nzxt source 210@2.7k frm primeabgb or itdepot wd caviar blue 1tb@4.3k corsair vs550@3.1k(I've used it and its awesome 85% efficiency and 42amps on +12 rail plus its deadly silent) GPU...
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