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    Any alternatives to N79

    Hi guys I want to buy a phone today. Budget is <=13k. I have settled on N79. ( I dont want a touch screen:smile:!) Can you suggest me some alternatives (in SE, Moto etc ) . Camera's not a make-or break factor for me , looks are and so is music. I have not followed mobiles for a long...
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    How to copy files from Ubuntu to XP ?

    Hey Can anybody tell me how to copy a file from ext3 to NTFS . There are some incomplete downloads in Ubuntu I'd like to continue in Windows XP , but how to do it ?
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    How to force 1440 x 900

    Hey guys Im facing a problem in Linux Mint . I have installed the latest ATI drivers for linux from the AMD website and inflicted various permutations on my Xorg.conf But still am not able to get 1440x900 on my Viewsonic VA1912wb monitor.It works fine in windows. Im copy pasting part of the...
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    Need help to decide on a N series phone

    Hi After deciding against an Ipod ( coz I need a phone too ) I am confused between the Nokia N91 and N73 . I basically need a phone which has the max memory and a I need it to play music (camera specs are not an issue ) Also on the mobile store N91 is shown tohave 4 GB memory while N73 is...
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    Need help with Zebronics Lava Cabinet

    Hi I just assembled a PC with the following Configuration: AMD X 64 X2 4400 + Asus M2A- VM 1GB x 2 Kingston DDR 2 Ram and i had my old PATA hard disk and DVD writer Well , I bought the Zebronics Lava cabinet with 400 W SMPS . The problem im facing is that the 2 fans on the side...
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    Power plug woes :-(

    hi guys I got my Viewsonic 19" widescreen LCD delivered at my home a couple of hours ago . The problem is it's come with a US power cord for AC input ( and im in India :D ) . the power cord says 7A , 125 V . I have an old CRT power cord which reads as 10A , 250 V .So is it better to use the...
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