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    Newest topic to hit gamerz " Ramayan" dont blive me

    With the MMO market dominated by firmly entrenched fantasy-themed MMO offerings, a fresh new setting is always welcome. Well it doesn't get much fresher than the India-based Ramayan 3392 A.D. comic book universe from Virgin Comics, who today announced along with SOE an agreement to create an...
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    Web Designing

    Do u people have any idea wat do i need in order to open a Web Designing company (except place) ? We wud like to sell domain email address n also maintain da client's site.....Please give any info which u think dat can be useful. Thank in advance
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    Can any1 gimme FORTRAN 77

    Can any1 gimme the link to FORTRAN 77 ?? i googled it but havent got it so guys pls help me ... i need it real urgent... Thanks in advance
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    Need Info abt PHP

    Hi guys can any1 gimme detail about PHP, 4rm wats its use to wats da scope of getting any job by doing PHP. Please any1 here can gimme detail about it .. Thanks in Advance
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    software needed

    Hi guys can any1 tell me wat softwares i need to caputure videos from a webcam....hehehehe
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    Cakewalk Overture needed

    hi guys help needed... i need a software called Cakewalk Overture ( any version but full version).. for a my uncle who is a music teacher Guys pls help me out asap Bye c u Thanking in Advance
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    how to captures games as videos

    hi guys i m back after a long time . I just wanna ask dat is der anyway of capturing games as video so can i make my own video wid. i dont have tv tuner card.
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    CS:CZ how to lower da pings

    Is der anyway to lower da ping as we play in wan we get disturbed servers which lead to bad quality of game play pls help
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    Help me

    can any1 tell me abt VBI virus and how to deal with it pls help my comp has got loads of it
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    Conditon Zero how to go online

    how can i play cs:condition zero online. we play in lan but dont know how to host and connect online
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    Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle doesnt work help needed

    My problem is whenever i play Lord od Rings :Battle of MIddle earth it shows game over automatically after 5 mins whether I play in any mode . I have AMD Athlon 64bit Processor ,256 ram , nvidia geforce graphic card, Windows 2000 professional original and original game cd's
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    needed: microsoft internet explorer 6.0

    i need .exe file of internet explorer 6.0 for windows 2000 professional. Edited by drgrudge to avoid confussion and second post is deleted with changes in this post.
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    new maps for CS: Conditon Zero

    can any1 say where can i get maps new one for CS:Condition Zero specially those aim,awp maps
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    any return to castle of wolfestine fans out there

    any1 tried his hand return to castle of wolfestine its an awesome game i played 2 years b4 go n try its multiplayer mode specially its beach map u all will love but my problem is that my cd's setup.exe file is corrupted and i cant install it do any1 give me that if any1 have it or can tell how...
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    can any1 know about how to use multi messenger

    can any1 know about how to use multi messenger
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