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    Survey on IT Industry (plz fill it..wud be of great help. Thanks)

    Hey guys, Request you all to fill up this survey on attrition rates in IT Industry. It's for my MBA thesis report. Would be very grateful. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1N40n9PTDE0lt6fW25A7I7eG_3c6uNjOB53ETy5ItsCc/viewform?c=0&w=1 Thanks a ton :)
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    Laptop workstation

    Ok...I desperately need ideas and specs for a Laptop workstation. Good configs but not as hi-fi as Alienware. .:cheers:.
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    i5 or i7/ laptop within 50k

    As the name suggests, I'm confused between i5 and i7 and I need quick suggestions for a laptop within 50k. I don't have any gaming or multimedia specific requirements. It just should be a laptop which can be used for everyday purpose and also I shouldn't be technologically lagging behind in a...
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    Twitter Portal and Twitter Apis:help req

    Hi everyone I need some help with this Twitter portals thing... one place, specific topics and members tweeting...something on the lines of Europatweets - What is Europe doing? where do i get started ? I googled a lot but couldn't find anything on it...anyone ?
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    sony ericsson k310i help req

    how is the data cable installation done for this mobile ? i just cant get it right. i installed the pc suite that came along with it. but it doesn't detect the phone even though the phone detects that its connected to the computer. can someone plz help me...
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    Nokia hacks-playing with codes

    These are few tricks that I have learnt by experimenting with my phone… To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Type- *#06# Information you get from the IMEI- XXXXXX XX XXXXXX X TAC FAC SNR SP • TAC = Type approval code • FAC = Final assembly code • SNR...
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    Too many Norton Services in startup

    Norton consumes a lot of memory...everyone knows this...In avast ...if u goto : run>msconfig>services(hide all microsoft services) then there are just 4 services while in norton if we follow the same process there are 11 services... :shock: :shock: Are all of these important ?? Can I not...
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    POP3 Help for Gmail

    I am new to POP3 ...Hence I need some help...I recently had all my gmail ids exported to thunderbird...i managed that much the thing I want to know is while sending messages its asking for a smtp.gmail.com password....i gave my gmail pass but didn't help Plz help P.S : I haven't used...
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    Exporting contacts in gmail

    Can someone plz tell me how to export contacts from gmail to thunderbird... I had seen something like that a few days a ago with a "new" tag for exporting contacts in gmail but I cant find it now... Plz help
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    Flock, the New Browser on the Block

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    Microsoft begins invitations to Office 12 beta program

    Microsoft has revealed that Office 12 will feature a radically new user interface. A detailed video tour of the new interface has been made available for download from Microsoft. In addition, the company is now accepting applications for external beta testers for the Office 12 program. To apply...
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    How to Reverse Adblock

    I installed this FF ext. Adblock and accidently blocked images from Digit i.e the logo, new posts , and even the new topic.....:( Now I cant reverse it ...plz help
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    Yahoo Avatars not displaying

    Hey guys, My yahoo avatars are not displaying nor the person with whom i am chatting. Clicking on the blue button is not helping either as a blank image is displayed. When I right click on the image area it shows "movie not loaded". I hv flash player 8.02 installed...:( Plz help someone...:(
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    No More Hot Coffee

    Guys...check this out: GTA San Andreas - No More Hot Coffee Patch This patch for GTA: San Andreas will prevent the 'Hot Coffee' mod from being compatible with your system. If the Hot Coffee mod is already installed, the patch must be installed over a clean reinstalled version of the game...
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    [Req] Suggest good & freeware MIDI to WAv converters.

    can anyone plz suggest some good and freeware midi to wav convertors. I need them for my sis's project.. otherwise tell me how to embed .midi files into a powerpoint presentation... plz help :( :( :(
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    netbrute spyware??

    hi, can anyone confirm that netbrute is spyware?
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    theme sites

    hi, can anyone pl tell me some sites from where I get good themes without any SPYWARE like acoona toolbar , etc even the site recommended by style xp ( theme xp.org ) has spyware bundled .
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    Firefox problem: Desperately need help

    hi guys, I need help!!! Recently I was browsing on the net and I refreshed by right clicking on the screen and the computer restarted just like that. On starting it gave an error :-Generic host .. something like that As I was using firefox during which this happened it got corrupt. Btw I...
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    gmail error message

    hi, this is a new one for me. whenever I open gmail, it gives the message that firefox is not supported. my labels and invitations are not visible either. pl help.
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    Need some answers.... Plzz

    Hi, I need answers to some questions:- 1. What is DNS Protocol ? 2. How do I set up my own proxy server from my home? 3.How do I know my IP adress? 4.What does ping command do?
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