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    Acer 4520 Gemstone

    guys i already bought this model a week ago. its great!! audio looks BUT do not even consider running Vista 64 bit Drivers not provided even XP drivers not provided but the XP 32 bit drivers u can get it from Acers Tech support tats AshTech Infotech , Mahalakshmi Mumbai i got the drivers of...
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    Cannot format Memory card

    I have a 6600 which had a virus recently the Nokia care ppl removed the virus by installing the whole Symbian again, the the prob is tat now i cannot format my MMC of 64mb, it just doesnot get formated by my Cell i also tried in Ngage, & also tried to format it with help of my Digital Camera...
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    India's Airtel to launch 3G services in Seychelles

    AirTel n many others are on EDGE n Reliance n Tata on the similar platform (not same)
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    Hotmail in all new avataar

    Hello Yahoo!!! n Goooooogle both r good n i m using both, but ppl have a look at the Rediff Mail it continiously improving step by step with right clicks n much more if u all havent had a look to it (or had it a long ago ) give it an another look. Its the same wat ppl r talking abt the new...
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    Animated .gifs???

    Ohhhhhhhhh, i feel so relifed, Thanks a lot alib_i n ishaan. i was abt ot reinstall XP thanks Regards Hardik
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    Animated .gifs???

    Guys, need ur help. theres a prob. with IE, It doesnot show animation of .gif images. Even the Avatars in this forum do not show animation, n even due to this Smilies of Yahoo! Messenger do not show animation. :?:
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    Can't download from any P2P software

    might be ur ISP blocked ur PORTS many Cable net Providers have done tat, thanks goodness i dont suffer tat..
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    same goes for me Kaspersky scans my PC but along with ZA n i say i require coz many times ZA detects a virus tat Kasper doesnt. But Kasper it it..
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    Microsoft's Next Non Windows OS [Codenamed: Singularity]

    @ ShekharPalash Great job buddy, just great :D
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    Mtnl dial up subscribers get ready to pay more.

    :( Well me gona suffer :( Yep, i got a letter from Mtnl, well now from 1st Nov. i ll have to pay 1400/-. Me moving to Hathway 256kbps @ Rs. 995 Unlimited. Well i hove hey do provide better service.... :idea: :arrow:
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    Small Wonders, Utilities That Can Fit In Floppy!

    man this is really good ppl join in and put ur online search items here. i never thought tat i can access NTFS from fat32 sys.gr8 :idea: :arrow: :arrow:
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    And the best free antivirus is...

    Nop BitDefender isn't Freeware I would vote for Zone Lab's Security Suit, have been using it for a long long time (Its AV was not tat good but improving n u 'll have to set Bit Level Detection in it for the best, it does say its slow on Bit level but when u compare the speed with Kaspersky...
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    Nokia versus Sony Ericsson

    I myself use Nokia cheaper model but a Huge... Huge..... Fan of SE
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    Where can i download a free Turbo C ver 3+ compiler?

    diab0lic666... Ys C ll not work on XPSP2 coz theres a prob., SP2 corrupts ur autoexec.nt and othe 2 more files, if u want to replace the files contact me, as well TALLY 5.4 ll also start workin in similar manner.
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    is longhorn 32 or 64 bit OS???

    Hello It ll come in both architecture. As not all contries r that head to upgrade their processors. :!: :arrow:
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    Music.. but Which??

    Tanks koolbluez. with that great Avartar N ys its infohardik info & my name Hardik Shah :!: :arrow:
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    AMD & Tata Indicom Launches The PIC

    & ys Windows cost Linux ll be a cheap option with its low cost h/w :!: :arrow:
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    AMD & Tata Indicom Launches The PIC

    Hello But I think 13k is not cheap & specially for Rurals. K i know mkt is blooming, income of rural ppl is increasing but. 13k ll be a Question. I think 7.5k to 9k would be a Master Blaster for InternetBoom. :!: :arrow:
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    Digit's DVD drives the market's drives

    I just bought a Asus DVD Writer. But I think Digit was Paid to make this move from manufactures like sSamsung & iLG. :!: :arrow:
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    Hhmmm....... does it!

    Hello Is DAP worth using for a Dial-Up user. Is its claim of speeding up ddls upto (upto) 300% right. :!: :arrow:
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