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    Home Wi-Fi networking???

    I want to setup a wi-fi network at my home. there are 3 computers which i want to connect them, can u tell me the price of each of the hardware involved in setting up and the total cost i would have spent. Also tell me all the hardware i need for the same.
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    Editing Application menu in Fedora?

    How will i change the shortcut in application menu in GNOME, i know in KDE but not in GNOME, i tried using applications:\\\ but still i cannot edit the file, and it says disk set to read only???
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    Linking the cdrom??

    Whenever I make a symbolic link to the cdrom using #ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom the link gets deleted when i restart the system, how will I make it permanent??
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    How to install xine on Fedora Core 3!

    One thing that scarred of many newbies from using RedHat/Fedora Core is that there is no proper Video player, The default player, Totem, cannot play VCD/DVD and most of the common video file.Here, I'll show how to installed xine on Fedora Core 3. Installing xine is not so easy because there...
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    Any ISO tools in linux?

    Are there any iso tools like ISObuster, UltraISO, etc in linux, where can i find them??
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    Media Player for RedHat/Fedora?

    How will I install media player which can playback VCD file(*.dat) or *.mpeg format in Redhat or fedora, and I want to know step by step and all the dependencies!
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    intel 64 bit?

    hi guys anybody have any idea when will intel 64 bit hits indian market???
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    Mplayer for RedHat9 >>????

    Can u guys tell me where can I download mplayer for RH9 including all the dependncies rpm and dont tell me to upgrade to Fedora Core.
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    Internet connection using GPRS help!!

    I have a Sony Ericsson t610 and am using Hutch connection and i enable GPRS, but the problem is that i cannot surf the web in my PC using the GPRS cnnection even though i can connect with a speed of 115 Kbps. Another question is that can I connect the internet using sony ericsson t230... please...
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    About Longhorn (Beta)!

    Well this new baby is not that bad, but the problem is that its too slow ... even though Microsoft doesnt release the System requirements, atleast 512MB of RAM, and 1 Ghz of processor will be needed, I use 384(256+128) Mb of RAM and still very slow, and there are too many services running in...
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