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  1. cooldude666666

    Share cable internet using ADSL modem + ROUTER

    Please tell me how to share a spectranet connection using a ADSL modem + Router. The router that I have is a Linksys WAG54G2.
  2. cooldude666666

    Can I use Google Desktop's search in explorer in Windows 7

    I was wondering if i could use the google desktop search from inside windows explorer in such a way that it replaces the windows 7 default search system i.e., when i search in the search box inside windows explorer, i should see results from google desktop. If there's any way to do this please...
  3. cooldude666666

    dell xps 1645 not displaying on full screen at low resolution

    I recently purchased a dell studio xps 1645 laptop and i am not satisfied with the display. the default resolution as on an lcd is the maximum i.e., 1920x1080 pixels. Now at this resolution, Its very irritating to work as things appear to smaller and smaller... when i try to switch to a lower...
  4. cooldude666666

    AGP Graphics Card in the range of 2k - 3k

    Please suggest me some good AGP based graphics cards which are not much costly, say in the budget of 2k - 3k.
  5. cooldude666666

    Which configuration will be better?

    Can anyone tell me which configuration will be better? A laptop with a Core 2 Duo 2.40 GHz (1066MHz FSB) and DDR2 667Mhz OR a laptop with Core 2 Duo 2.40GHz (1066MHz FSB) and DDR3 1066MHz?
  6. cooldude666666

    Unable to see hidden files

    I have installed win xp pro and then service pack 1a and then sp3 (SPs are not integrated). I have eset smart security. It detected that I had a worm in my computer named: Win32/Conficker. I somehow got rid of that worm and now my system is reported as clean. But One thing which I am unable to...
  7. cooldude666666

    Red line appearing in laptop display

    i have an acer aspire 5920 which i purchased in end april. Since last one month a red line appears on the right side of the monitor. This line is more prominent when the screen displays dark colours and most prominent when it displays black colour. What can be the problem? Any cure?
  8. cooldude666666

    Gnome Hanging in fedora 9 for root

    I'm unable to open Gnome for the root user. This problem started when I once changed the setting of Gnome to open last opened applications i.e., to save the session. When I rebooted and tried to enter Gnome using the root a/c, it just played the starting music and the screen gets hanged with...
  9. cooldude666666

    Unable to use sound device in FreeBSD 7

    I have an Acer Aspire 5920 laptop with Realtek HD Audio(At least that is what the software says in windows). I recently installed FreeBSD 7 and after a bit research was finally able to play sound after downloading and installing the Open Sound System(OSS). But, the problem is that no mixers...
  10. cooldude666666

    X server not running in FreeBSD 7

    I have an acer aspire 5920 with Intel C2D T5550, 2 GB DDR2, Mobile Intel GMA X3100 etc. I have recently installed FreeBSD 7 to dual-boot with my windows xp but I am not able to start the X server. I tried to generate a conf file using xorgcfg but did not work. I am attaching the log. Before I...
  11. cooldude666666

    Help me get this FreeBSD image in ma head...

    Recently I started downloading FreeBSD images on my GOD-forbid GPRS!!!!! Anyways, I'm unable to get what the images named "7.0-RELEASE-i386-livefs.iso" and "7.0-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso" are for? Can anyone explain?
  12. cooldude666666

    Sound breaks while copying.

    I have an acer aspire 5920 with Intel C2D T5550(1.83GHz 667MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache), Mobile Intel GMA X3100, 160GB hdd, 2 GB DDR2 667 MHz with win xp sp 3, v3264. The problem is that whenever I copy anything and simultaneously play any video or audio, the sound appears to be hanged even when the...
  13. cooldude666666

    please Help me in learning unix

    I'm a bca student and have to study unix in this sem of mine. I don't have a good internet connection right now(am not at my place) so I wasn't able to download freeBSD which I wanted to install to learn unix. I also got freeBSD images from a digit dvd one or two months ago but those images were...
  14. cooldude666666

    Buffer Underrun Problem in new acer laptop

    recently i bought an acer aspire 5920(Core 2 Duo T5550, Mobile Intel GMA X3100 2gb ddr2 667 mhz) which came with a dvd-writer manufactured by TSST Corp.(model no: TS-L632H). Whenever I burn anything using Nero, there are a lot of buffer-underrun errors(numbering around and more than 300). I'm...
  15. cooldude666666

    Want some information on WiFi

    I have two laptops and one desktop with two lan cards. I use one lan card to connect to the internet and the other to share the internet connection with a latop. The problem with this setup is that only one of the laptops can be connected at any time. Now, I'm thinking of a WiFi card for the...
  16. cooldude666666

    Firefox Problem

    I am using Firefox Portable Of late my firefox just either freezes up and just stays in memory but the window doesn't show. To restart it, I have to force close firefox using the taskkill command. And sometimes, when it does open up, no websites open-up. I've tried everything, even...
  17. cooldude666666

    How to network-boot a machine?

    hi everyone! i've heard quite a lot about network booting that one can boot a system without a hard-disk from a server and even store files and literally do any work that a normal pc with a hdd and os can do... and now, i wanna see it for myself! please help me... i have two pcs and i want to...
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