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  1. abhishek_sharma

    Looking to buy Canon SX10 or NIkon P80 digicam

    I am planning to buy a Canon SX10 or Nikon P80 digicam. (I would prefer buying the SX10 though) I wanted to know the approx prices of the above camera in grey markets in Kolkata or Mumbai and names of shops particularly in Kolkata. I am not looking for warranty...so I would prefer the grey...
  2. abhishek_sharma

    A 11 month old SE P1i for 9.7k

    Hey guys I've got a deal where I'm getting a 11month old SE P1i for 9.7k. Is it a good buy? Whats the price of the new phone?
  3. abhishek_sharma

    Mobile under 22k

    k800i is quite good...ive been using it, overall very good cam and features dont go for iPhone, its still buggy and as per reviewu shud wait till a revised version comes out. (and the first version itself hasnt yet hit shores :)
  4. abhishek_sharma

    Phone around 5k....

    Please suggest a phone around 5k with fm, mp3 and camera if possible. It's for a friend who is a girl, so keep that in mind please. :) Budget can be extended a bit, but not too much :)
  5. abhishek_sharma

    confused...by all these cell jargons...need help!!

    i used to have a lg rd2030 reliace mobile phone, an antique piece by tech standards....it was just a no-frills phone that let u talk.... now i'm getting myself a SE K800i, which has features like Email and web browser access among other things.... specs here...
  6. abhishek_sharma

    The best broadband offers available across India

    ISP:DataOne (BSNL) City:Jamshedpur Specific Areas: Everywhere around India (obviously where it's service is avail.) Plan Name:Home900 Speed Offered:1050kbps (upto 2mbps) Usage Limitation (Mb / Gb):Unlimited Validity: Price:Rs.900 per month Comments:gr8 speed. Superior speed. Good...
  7. abhishek_sharma

    Dual layer DVD media

    check out ebay.in http://search.ebay.in/search/search.dll?sofocus=unknown&sbrftog=1&catref=C12&from=R10&satitle=dual+layer&sacat=101223%26catref%3DC6&fpaym=1&ga10244=10425&ftrt=1&ftrv=1&saprclo=&saprchi=&sadis=200&fsct=&fsop=1%26fsoo%3D1&coaction=compare&copagenum=1&coentrypage=search&fgtp=
  8. abhishek_sharma

    diff between Intel dual core,Core 2 , Duo??

    Actually DUAL CORE IS BETTER THAN CORE2Duo, from my exp. It's far mor faster and reliable
  9. abhishek_sharma

    Transcend 1 GB USB Pen Drive Jetflash - Warranty

    its brand new...not second hand...in the original tetra pack
  10. abhishek_sharma

    Transcend 1 GB USB Pen Drive Jetflash - Warranty

    there are 2 jetflash models - infact more...but this is JetFlash V30.....another one is V20 whch is cheaper
  11. abhishek_sharma

    Transcend 512 Mb DDR 400 RAM - 3 year Warranty

    Transcend DDR 400 Mhz JetRam Brand New for sale 2 pc available Warranty Card included Price: Rs.1875+50 for shipping
  12. abhishek_sharma

    fan noise problem

    i've just assembled a 2.8 ghz Pentium D procy......earlier i was using an amd sempron 2500+.....ever since i've switched this thing on, it is making much more noise compared to my earlier procy is this natural or is there any fault with my fan instllation....
  13. abhishek_sharma

    Transcend 1 GB USB Pen Drive Jetflash - Warranty

    ....check out the prices at deltapage.com rs.650 for 2 year warranty and this one comes with lifetime (3 year warranty) and at the transcend website-the untaxed price is $18.40http://ec.transcendusa.com/product/ItemDetail.asp?ItemID=TS1GJFV30
  14. abhishek_sharma

    Transcend 1 GB USB Pen Drive Jetflash - Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty - Brand New Sealed Pack of JetFlash V30 Transcend 1 Gb USB Flash Drive - Strap - Supports Windows Vista Usb 2.0/Password Protection Price Rs.600 + Rs.50 shipping
  15. abhishek_sharma

    Intel Pentium D 920 3.0 Ghz Dual Core + Asus P5VDC-MX (Core 2 Duo and 65nm ready)

    For Sale : (Brand New) Intel Pentium D 920 3.0 Ghz Dual Core Socket 775 Tray Processor - 800 Mhz FSB - 65nm technology (latest from Intel) (with original Intel heatsink/fan) Warranty : 1 year Maunfacturer Warranty (Tray Processor - Analogous to OEM in software - You get the same product...
  16. abhishek_sharma

    FS: Frontech PCI Internal TV Tuner Card

    For Sale: Frontech Internal TV Tuner Card for Rs.700 + 50 for shipping Used for about 1.5 year....working in prime condition but I wanted to buy a new Pinnacle PCTV card...
  17. abhishek_sharma

    can i add a dvd writer on a P-II machine?

    32 mb ram will have probs writing dvds properly...best is what abhi suggested. take out the hdd from ur comp...put into a new comp and backup all the data...
  18. abhishek_sharma

    AMD 2500+ and Asus K8V-MX (AGP8x, DDR, Sata) Bundle..2 yr warranty

    PIB - Means it is not OEM, that is was purchased separately. You can put any socket-compatible processor in the board.
  19. abhishek_sharma

    AMD 2500+ and Asus K8V-MX (AGP8x, DDR, Sata) Bundle..2 yr warranty

    yes. the motherboard, processor, cpu fan and all the other accessories like cables, jumpers, etc. that came with the motherboard...along with the bill will be shipped
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