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    PS Font Library

    Can anyone has idea about PS Font library.. which works both for MAC & windows.
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    File properties

    How to change all properties of an EXE file, provided that its functionality does not change at all
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    Network Data Transfer

    I have attached many systems through HUB, How can i got the information about each and every computer connected to HUB. if i have access and do not have. maininly concentrate on the internet. what he surf and download in the real time.
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    system does not turn on

    I have P4 [ 1.5 GHz] 128MB SD, Mercury 845, the system is the owner of system means that it automatically turn off and do not start and start after some time or 1 day.
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    Search Engine Optimization

    Can anyone tell me about the serch engine optimization, how to place the web in the first ten results.
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    LOTUS Smartsuite

    Do you know from where to download the trial version of lotus smartsuite or lotus 123, word pro. this is good office suite by IBM but not able to get anny link on net.
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    Free web hosting and domain or Subdomain

    hello friends can you tell me about the hosting and domain name where i get themm free. and how to list the site on the search engine. :!: thanks
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    how to configure the SMTP on windows on a standlone system. and OUTLOOK
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    DOT Net

    what is dotnet. what is it's benfits, is it developed from J2EE. want to work on live projects of microsoft.
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    Software Quality Management

    :D Is software quality necessary or not, do you think if not why :oops: As a professional you concentrate on the quality process that lead to good software.
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