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    Alternatives to iPod Nano 7th Gen?

    I'm looking for an mp3 player with a screen, but small enough to not feel like a phone. (Budget around Rs. 10,000) Having owned the 5th Gen iPod nano earlier, I was impressed by its feel and overall experience, and getting the 7th Gen model seems like an obvious choice to me. But are there any...
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    Graphics vs RAM for Gaming Laptop

    I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop for around Rs. 80,000 (strict budget). I've narrowed my choices down to- 1) HP Envy 15-k006tx (GTX 850M, RAM expandable up to 16GB) 2) Lenovo Y50-70 (GTX 860M, 8GB RAM) 3) Asus G551JK-DM053H (GTX 850M, RAM expandable up to 16GB) I'm inclined towards the Y50...
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