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    mi note 3 or moto x2 which to buy

    I want to buy a new phone ....previously I was thinking about buying moto x2 because of the price drop but now launch of mi note 3 has me confused.... Please help thnx
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    About ram speed

    Hi I have G Skill DDR3 1600 RAM. Earlier it used to show 1333 mghz so I changed it to 1600. When I checked CPUZ It showed me that the FSB:DRAM IS 1:4 . I think that it is faster than FSB. So is it possible to get 4:4 ratio. What will happen if I get that. Thnx
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    PC Running on power on but no display

    Hello my problem is that when i start my pc it sometimes turn on nice & good with a post beep but sometimes it starts without any beep. Other times after turning on all the fans run but there is no display. I think there might be a problem with the cabinet as earlier when i used to turn it on...
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    Suitable Gaming processor for Mobo

    Hello I have an Asus M4A88TD EVO USB 3.0 mobo. I am searching for a suitable gaming processor. Dont wanna spend much. Is there any between 4-6k. Also a PSU.
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    Need 1tb external hdd any suggestions

    hi, i am planning to buy a HDD 1TB this diwali,not much requirment it should be usb 3.0,good after sales service,good warranty.thats it thnkssssssssss
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