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    Vote for real heroes

    Hi friends I am here on this forum for a long time (and inactive also for long time:mrgreen:) Yesterday i was seen a Blog with title Vote for CNN Heros As i reads it deep It goes interesting to see the man(well established) feeds he hungry peoples on the road...
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    Deep Freeze

    Use the trial version. It works for 1 month.
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    suggest motherboard

    Is there anyone who knows about this processor and which chipset supports it ?
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    How to create autorun cd

    Hey guys please read my first post. I dosen't want to open any program and icon when i insert CD in drive \ boot from CD. I just want "Automatically copy the files from CD to the desktop screen of computer, when i insert CD in drive or boot from CD ( from bootable cd) ". I got answer for...
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    palit 8600gt 512mb DDR2 for sale

    Rs. 2000/- from me.
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    How to create autorun cd

    Thanks for your great value replies. But my next question is How can i do that in bootable CD?
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    How to create autorun cd

    Hi I want to create a cd. When i insert it in to the drive it automatically copy specific files in cd to the desktop of the computer. Please tell me how can i do this.
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    Desktop For Sale

    7.5 k for without monitor.
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    BSNL Unlimited (CDMA -144 kbps) Internet for Rs.250 Per Month

    So for which plan i have to go? I am using night unlimited. It gives me download speed of 200-230KBps ( takes 5 sec to download 1MB file ). Cost Rs.500+taxes. It also offers 175 free calls. What is speed of CDMA or EVDO card. What you think, should i go for these cards?
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    suggest motherboard

    Hi friends I have a p4 3.00GHz , 478pin processor link . My mobo is burn out. So i need new mobo. I dosen't Know which chipsets supports this processor. Please tell me which chipsets support this processor. I also want mobo with ddr2 support so tell me which chipset and mobo...
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    Desktop For Sale

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    my Old AMD machine for sell

    I am interesting whole pc without monitor. whats your price?
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    Sparkle 8800 GT for sale

    If you check the latest price NEW 9400GT 512MB card comes in Rs.- 2400/- only
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    FS : intel g965ry and c2d e4400 @ 2ghz

    you will get Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz E7300 - (3MB L2 cache 2.66Ghz 1066MHz) at Rs.-5750/- that also NEW! Please correct your price .
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    Xfx 8600gt 256mb Ddr3 Pci-express For Sale

    I am interesting. which city?
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    Gaming woe - system restarts while gaming

    Don't waste your time, check all the components by replacing one by one at your hardware vendor. The problem mainly comes from psu. I had faced same problem the fault was in psu.
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    My config....

    If you are going to intel don't go with G31 boards , because they have some problem in dual channel memory architecture. And also they have ICH7 chipsets which are not good for gaming . So go for GA-EP43-S3L or any other board with ICH10 chipset .
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Sapphire HD 4350-512MB DDR2 is available at Rs.2750/- see the below link. http://www.lynx-india.com/index.php?productID=1377
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    Suggest a graphics card

    I want to buy a graphics card for casual gaming. My budget is Rs.2200/- What's about Asus 8400GS, it is available at Rs.1800/- in local shops. Is it good card? Can i play most of the games on it?
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    Games which are like Prince of Persia

    Have you tried prince of persia 2008? Go for it.
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