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    Can Nvidia 6600 GT AGP utilize 256 MB

    Hi all, I know only this:- some graphics cards simply can not utilize the large 256 onboard video memory efficiently. My question is then what decides the capability of graphics card to utilize vid ram efficiently? is it vid Memory speed or the core speed?:roll: I am...
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    I need a legal copy of game and that too on time..

    Hey guys.. I am tired of running here and there for buying legal games. All that i am getting is the same old games stacked for ages on the racks.. I am not able to find a good dealer for buying newest games. Please suggest me some . Dealers from Mumbai and Pune are near to me...
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    Help needed..Sound Blaster Live not detected on FEDORA..

    Hi,, well I am just a newbie to Linux world.. I have installed Fedora Core 4 on my machine. Everything went fine (including that strange 'Kernel panic' msg in installation). The only problem is that I am not able to find driver for my sound-card. My sound-card is Creative Sound Blaster Live...
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    Any body knows the DATE?

    Hi.. I am again asking a question which is already much asked. WHEN THE HELL IS OBLIVION GOING TO BE RELEASED...?????????? Bethesda makes gr8 games no doubt.. but can't they promise their fans a suitable date to wait for their game... Anybody if knows...the best rumour then plz reply
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