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  1. i_am_crack

    Asus Xonar Dx

    Shipping and everything included should be the quote. Depends on the warranty and time I am ready to pay up to 4K. Bangalore is my please.. PM me u r offers i can PM back i Contact# eBRo
  2. i_am_crack

    Creative Speaker 2.1

    Creative SBS A380->Paid 1400+70=1470/- April 4th 2010 Brand New Just opened to check all parts are OK! Want to sell it as i need money for clearing some due.. Please advise for how much to sell.. Bangalore people preferred to avoid courier transport and others..any takers? Please...
  3. i_am_crack

    Important Information - New eBay User Agreement.. Playing fool with us?

    Important Information - New eBay User Agreement Dear rama mohan, You are receiving this because you are a registered user of an eBay website ("eBay") and you have provided a registration address in India. Currently your "eBay" site of registration (that is the site on which you registered) is...
  4. i_am_crack

    Resuming local bank withdrawals to India

    PayPal Dear ***********, We have been diligently working with the RBI and our business partners to resume Indian bank withdrawals for the thousands of Indian businesses who depend on PayPal to sell their goods or services in the global marketplace. Today, we are happy to announce that...
  5. i_am_crack

    Need Advise on Gaming Cabinet

    Dear Dgitians, I am looking for a CAB for around 6-7K.Please advise.. I am thinking thermaltake, Please advise shop and band(model) in bangalore ebro
  6. i_am_crack

    Firefox Myths

    See guys... Before posting i had double checked with all this...In fact i would request if you can tell me how authentic is this ->http://mywebpages.comcast.net/SupportCD/FirefoxMyths.html<- eBro
  7. i_am_crack

    What is Damn Vulnerable Linux?

    I was referred to this site ->http://www.damnvulnerablelinux.org/index.php?option=com_magazine&Itemid=27, Byut actuall i didn't get it. Then I thought this is the right place to get more info.. Please help me to understand this. Regards eBro
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