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    1st time Linux installation (USB Drive) without messing default windows

    Hello, I have downloaded Ubuntu Linux Installation CD. I have Windows Vista installed in my laptop.I have a 80 GB portable USB HDDMy notebook supports booting from USB device. Now I want to install UBUNTU in my portable HDD, without touching the boot loader of Windows Vista or rather...
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    Apple MAC mini + Final Cut ??

    Hello, I am interested in Apple MAC OS X, few of the reasons for which I want to own one is i would working on 2 mejor apps which are known to performe good on MACs... and one of them i think is only for MAC OS :( 1. Final Cut 2. PhotoShop those 2 software them self are really really...
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    How can I export an Outlook 2003 .pst file to ThunderBird 2

    In my Office PC I had Office Outlook 2003 installed hence I used it as email apps.. I stored all emails under a .pst file format of Default Outlook 2003... Now I am getting a New Laptop from office So I want to transfer the .pst file to thunderbird... I have copied the (total folder, had 3...
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    Yahoo + Outlook / Thunderbird

    Hello, I am using Yahoo.co.in acount which comes with POP access... Now as I have configured yahoo in my Desktop email client face a problem... When ever I dowload the emails from Yahoo, it seems they gets Deleted from Yahoo Web Mail inbox... So, can any one help me, I would like to...
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