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    help:create a forum

    i want to create a free website with forum. i searched in google and get some results but i cant understand it well. i've learned html,javascript and php and also i installed phpBB in our campus network. only problem is that i dont know anything about webdomain webhost etc. also pls tellme...

    Help: Data Compression

    i selected data compression as my topic for term paper[3rd yr bsc cs] i need a white paper on datacompression to follow. but when i searched for it i get whitepapers only in advanced topics like data compression in oracle etc. so plz anybody help me to get a white paper in basic datacompression.

    Help: To identify Keylogger

    Somebody cracked the admin passwords in our college computer lab and installed keyloggers. Is there any way to detect keyloggers and stop recording..........

    help: install Forum

    plz anybody help me to install a forum in my campus website. we all have indvidual folders in server and i hav public_html.

    need: Name Of music

    Does anybody know the name of this piece of music http://rapidshare.com/files/260526981/Beautiful_Ringtone.mp3 (400kb)

    help: preparing for acm progg contest

    pls give me names of good ebooks or websites to prepare for ACM Programming contest in college level....

    need: Websites for ebook.

    is there any special websites where i can search for eBooks on specific topics like learn piano, learn php etc and also find the ebook which is most downloaded or top rated. pls help

    How To Create .gif Files ???

    how to create animated gif images of the above type with this type of rotation and lighting effects , is there any special software or way to create this????? anybody know????? pls help

    help : Graphics Project

    For our graphics project we developed a small helicopter game using glut and openGL with visual Studio6.0. but when the game window is minimized and then maximized the helicopter is not displaying. is there any way to avoid this or disable minimize and maximize option of the window??? open...

    How to connect two computers in home?????

    i have one PC in home. usually my friends come with laptops. for datatransfers we use pendrives this takes so much time. Is there any way to connect these two. i got a lan cable [!1 meter length]with my pc its suitable for lan port. but i dont how to use it anybody help

    Help: to download a website..!

    Anybody help me to download the entire website http://www.talisman.org/opengl-1.1/Reference.html when i try it with httrack it shows an error!!!

    Request: OpenGL Tutorials

    Give me good tutorials to learn the basics of openGL. with ms visual C++

    Help:to study netbeans and jdbc

    pls give me some links to learn the very basics of netbeans and JDBC. we need to do a project "student credit mgmt system" which stores the mark details of a student in database and display it to a student when he login with id and passwd. we ae using netbeans for GUI and MySQL...

    Help: Remove Virus

    i am using xp sp2 i canot access task manager and regestry editor when i try to access this i get message that "Your administrator has blocked task manager" and computer restarts when i try to get into safe mode i've installed Kaspersky AntiVirus2009 when i try install any software thats...

    help to identify an old song

    does any body know this song is in which film?? "kisi ki muskurahatom pe ho nisan kisi ki derd milsake tho le udhar kisi ki vasthey ho therae dil me pyaar jeena isi ka naam hai"

    Create Invisible Folders In Mobile

    I tried it in Nokia6233 and worked Create new folder and name it with .otb at end For Eg: newfolder.otb folder will be there but we cant see it doesnt have any icons :D:D:D

    help: Kaspersky free trial key??

    i've installed kaspersky internet security2009 in my home. i get it from Digit for activating the trial version idon't have internet connection in my home. Is there any other way to activate the trial version?

    Help:"Safely remove" on right click

    Is there any way to add "Safely remove" option in the right click context menu remove disks in XP. AnyBody plz HELP

    Help:how to compress video?

    I've movies in my hard disk as .DAT format they have size more than >1.5GB I want to compress it to 700MB..... to save hard disk space Can i cut the top and bottom parts of the video and save it with new resolution??? which software is to be used and how to do it? Anybody pls help

    HELP:Assignment in linked list

    we have an assignment to create a question bank with 7 multiple choice questions 3 descriptive questions 5 programs we have to create questions from linked lists we have studied single linked list and doubly linked list in C pls anybody help me or give some good sites to find...
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