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  1. dinesh_ddt

    which-> Nokia 6303C or SE K530i ??

    I've chosen these two models.. i dont have any specific requirements.. and my budget is <7.5k can strech it to 8k max.. Which fone is bttr among these two? or is der any fone better than these???
  2. dinesh_ddt

    Is 3G a big deal here?

    Hi guys, Im gonna buy a phone, my budget is 10k @ max.. I was wondering should i go for a 3G phone? I'll be using the mobile for 3yrs. Will 3G become a boom then? I love the w395 phone and some other ones but they lack 3G!! which ones should i go for? plz help me...
  3. dinesh_ddt

    n70 vs k530i vs n3120c ??

    I've finally chose these three models.. plz, let me know the pros and cons of these and the overall winner among.8)
  4. dinesh_ddt

    Cool Internet+music phone <10k??

    Hi guys, My budget for mobile phone is 10k.. i browse & text a lot.. I also want a decent music playback.. My option was d k660i..! Is it good?? suggest me some othr good phones..!
  5. dinesh_ddt

    Games For X3100??

    Hey Guys, Can you list out some of the games which runs good in intel x3100 ??
  6. dinesh_ddt

    Console OR Rig?

    for a few months.. ive been putting my brain to a lot of work.. in choosing the config for upgrading my pc.. but now i think abt buying consoles instead? what do u think?? if upgradation->30k.. cant i get a HD monitor and a XBOX 360?? plz help me..out..
  7. dinesh_ddt

    power up..!!

    The Safest and economical psu req for 9600GT, 9800GT , hd4850 ??:???:
  8. dinesh_ddt

    Pure Gaming Rig.. Nothing Else..

    I'm upgrading from p4 pc... my budget is 20k.. i got suggestions like: 1) Phenom X3 X3 - 8650+ Tri Core-2.3GHz, 3.5M:twisted: AMD 780G MA78GM-S2H 16x, 8 Ch. S, L, HDMi4 2 GB ddr2 transcend Local cabinet PSU pov balck diamond 500w palit ATI HD 4670 512mb ddr3 2)P5KPL-CM INTEL G31...
  9. dinesh_ddt

    upgrade @ 15k

    hello im gonna upgrade my p4 pc with a budget of 15k.. plz provide me various options...:p i want a gaming system and it must be new enough for 4 years atleast(in terms of hardware;)).. i want it to support windows 7 too..!! :D:D i thought of.... Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 - Rs. 3500/-...
  10. dinesh_ddt

    Configure Hathway in Ubuntu 8.10

    Can anyone help me to configure hathway in ubuntu?? i tried several times.. im not getting it right..!! :-x:-x plz help ne1..!!:-(
  11. dinesh_ddt

    "Open" to LINUX..!!

    Hi Guys, After years of playing around with windows i thought its time to move on to learn more..:-x i'm a newbie to linux i want it to try and play with it..;) suggest me a distro.. i currently have ubuntu and openSUSE with me.. which one can i put first ???:confused: NOTE: i know only the...
  12. dinesh_ddt

    Gonna upgrade

    currently i have p4 3ghz,512mb ddr1,intel 915mobo... i want to upgrader my system to play games and be more "graphically pleasant" pl suggest me upgrading options...(in 10 - 15k range) tanx...
  13. dinesh_ddt

    phone under 10k?

    im gonna buy a phone in the range 8000-10000... which is the best?? i want an all rounder.!! my options are motorockr e6,nokia xpressmusic(some 5XXX)..
  14. dinesh_ddt

    connect xp desktop and vista laptop using ethernet cable

    i have dell inspiron running vista basic and a xp desktop system... i bought a cross over ethernet cable to connect both.. i gave the following details---> desktop: ip: subnet: gateway: laptop: ip: subnet: gateway: i...
  15. dinesh_ddt

    what to learn in web designing?

    Hello, I'm interested in web designing and want to be in my coll's webteam what all should i learn and in which order should i learn them?? i know HTML and photoshop till now.
  16. dinesh_ddt

    motherboard confusion

    Hi guys, im going to buy a core 2 duo 2.53ghz proxy with 2GB ram and Nvidia 8600GT card. which motherboard can i go for? Also which version of 8600GT can i go for?? 512MB DDR2 or 256MB DDR3?? I want my PC to run vista with all the features and play games decently.... plz help me guys....
  17. dinesh_ddt

    Help for PC Upgrade..!!

    Hey Guys, I have a P4(3Ghz),512MB RAM & Intel D915 Motherboard I'm Thinking of upgrading my PC to A Core 2 Duo Processor and a 2GB RAM. Now, Im confused about selecting the Motherboard and Graphics Card. My Budget can't exceed 10k. Can you provide your options??? I want my PC to run Vista(with...
  18. dinesh_ddt

    Moto W270..!!

    Hey.. is moto w270 the best phone under 3.5k range??? is not plz suggest me other models within that range as im gonna buy it tomo..!! :)
  19. dinesh_ddt

    nokia 6000/N 72/SE K550i/SE k530i

    Which is the best all rounder of the above phones...??? my budget is around 7k..:smile:
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