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  1. SeenuGuddu

    looking for New Montior 22 inches

    Hi Gurus, 3yrs(36M) back i bought the Benq monitor 21.5 inches for 8K(G2222HDL) (which was suggested by the forum). now the monitor was dead(showing the gray color) . i am looking for the new monitor 21.5 inches for 8K or 10K. please share the info. on this i will buy on this weekend based on...
  2. SeenuGuddu

    non camera mobile with good feel/outlook and latest features in the range between 5 to 10k

    hi friends, suggest me a cameraless mobile but with good feel/outlook and latest features and the price range between Rs.5,000/- to 10,000/-
  3. SeenuGuddu

    suggestions need for Mobile "Galaxy Nexus GSM/HSPA+" from USA

    Hi Guys, I need suggestions from your side . Please let me know I am planning to buy a Mobile "Galaxy Nexus GSM/HSPA+", One of my friend is coming from USA, So i am planning to opt. Mobile Model and details are below : Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ - Google Play Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ - Google...
  4. SeenuGuddu

    Xperia users get Ice Cream Sandwich, others waiting

    Indian users of Xperia Arc S, Xperia Neo V and Xperia Ray are in for some treat. Sony, which looks after the Xperia range of phones after buying the stake owned by Ericsson, has released Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for the three Android phones. Check the below link Xperia users get Ice...
  5. SeenuGuddu

    dummy question raises to me before getting into this.

    hai all one dummy question raises to me before getting into this. i had desktop PC(XP) having the Seagate Hdd and running out of space and planning to opt this and willing to extend the Hdd. my question is can i opt the Western Digital Hdd(internal) and will it be the compatible...
  6. SeenuGuddu

    Bluetooth in desktop computer and Bluetooth headphones?

    Hi all, i have a assembled desktop pc(not a laptop) with Windows XP Prof. I know that desktops doesn't support or carry bluetooth hardware in them. i am planning to opt the Bluetooth to my PC and Bluetooth headphones, main purpose of this is to watch movies, reason is don't want to...
  7. SeenuGuddu

    adding the internal Hard disk (1TB) to the existing PC

    Hi All, i am planning to opt the internal Hard disk (1TB) to the existing PC of having the 500 GB.Help needed to buy. Is there any cons when i add the extra 1 TB. Please give me the suggestions. Thanks in Advance
  8. SeenuGuddu

    Help to buy the Monitor LED or LCD

    Hi all, i am having the frequent issues with my Monitor(CRT) and now it was complete dead and planning to buy the Monitor today or tomorrow immedaiately based on ur suggestions. i have read the articles of LED & LCD and came to conclusion that LED is better than the LCD and opting for...
  9. SeenuGuddu

    Need Suggestions in Audio & Video Player

    Hi All, i am planning to buy the Audio and Video Player to my Nephew and Budget is 5k to 7K i am concern on Audio and Video as well and atleast 10GB with Good Quality Wat u say about this Welcome to the Transcend website - India - MP870 Await Your Suggestions Thanks in Advance
  10. SeenuGuddu

    Help in Head Phone and Ear Phone

    Hi Guys, I live in Chennai and planning to opt the Head Phones(Wireless) and Ear Phones .Here is my requirements i have no idea in Audio , which one to pick in based on the specification . the Purpose of Head Phones in room looking for WIRELESS under 5K with perfect base of...
  11. SeenuGuddu

    Need a HELP for Mobile around at 15k - 20k

    Hi All, i am planning to buy the mobile this Month end and need a help in this My budget is 15k - 20 k My requirement is Camera - 5 MP- 8MP with Autofocus Size - 480 x 800 pixels with large screen OS - Android. Good Music Capabilities and performance in CPU aswell Gaming – usage...
  12. SeenuGuddu

    Nokia C7 or .........?

    Hi i am planning to buy the Nokia C7... my frnd suggestion is Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL i have been fixed for buying the Nokia C7 .. but i have seen the - ve comments for Nokia C7 .. so i dropped .... i am nt sure whether it was relased in INDIA --- Nokia C7 Astound u can compare between...
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