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  1. manistar

    How to unlock AV port in SUN HD Coship DTH

    HI I got Sun HD+ Coship DTH. I tried connecting my speaker to DTH (Right/Left audio port) and found that no audio output was sent. Can anyone guide me in enabling audio out from DTH. They have procedure for samsung STB but not for coship. Thanks
  2. manistar

    Manage Multiple cloud services from single platform

    With introduction of many cloud storage services like dropbox, Gdrive and Amazon S3, Users can upload their files to cloud storage and use it as personal backup. Even though most of these services are free. We still have few concerns like maintaining multiple accounts and reliability of files...
  3. manistar

    Best Tower Speaker under 20k for my LED TV

    Hi Guys,, Suggest me a good tower speaker for my 42" LED TV. I am not sure what is so good about tower speaker but always fascinated about it and wanted to buy that. My Budget is 20k. Wall mountable is big + TIA
  4. manistar

    Best 40-46inch LED SMART TV

    Hi I am looking to buy TV size:40-46 inch type: Slim LED/wall mountable/narrow bezel will be added advantage should be smart tv I don't need 3D tv right now. Also can you suggest good place to buy TV in chennai (Better price)
  5. manistar

    Need config for small download rig

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Download only, Should not hang when i connect to it through...
  6. manistar

    Need HDMI to HDMI&Audio Adapter

    Hi I am looking for HDMI to HDMI+Audio adapter for my projector. so concept is this. i connect my Laptop to Projector through HDMI port and my projector Epson Home Cinema 8350 doesnt have Audio out/speakers. So i need a adapter which has HDMI input and HDMI output + Audit output which...
  7. manistar

    10$/Per Year FFMPEG Hosting

    Wehostwebsite.com Thanks Thinkdigit for teaching me what is computers and technology because of you i own a company now. Thinkdigit subscriber for past 6 Years FFMPEG Hosting FFMPEG Hosting has collection of php modules that can record, convert and stream digital audio and video. FFMPEG...
  8. manistar

    Kghosting.com - Worst customer care and support.

    Kghosting.com - Worst customer care i have ever seen. Worse than bsnl and other govt offices. I got a hosting plan from kghosting after looking at the ad in digit magazine. i searched in internet for reviews but couldnot find it. so i bought it. I agree its one of the cheapest hosting...
  9. manistar

    how can i report hackers and malicious sites?

    Hi Frnds, My webpage is hacked and later i could restore it with the help of hosting company. i could find the culprits from logs how can i report hackers and websites that promotes illegal hacking the following website hacked my website w w w.Pro-Hack.info w w w.fx0.name sprithunter.c...
  10. manistar

    Please suggest a Desktop Upgrade

    Hi Friends, Below is my desktop configuration which i bought before 1.5 yrs AMD2 4400+ ASUS M2A-VM 250GB + 1 TB Hardisk Transcend (1+1) GB RAM i m planing to use Vista Ultimate and planning to buy >21 inch LCD i dont game much.. Going for upgrade only for HD movies and Speed up my...
  11. manistar

    Nokia care suite, Nokia Service Suite??

    Hey anybody know about this software... Nokia care suite, Nokia Service Suite?? i need it very badly. Any guide to use this is also welcome.
  12. manistar

    Re-Install Phone software when its not switching on

    Hi i own a Nokia 5610 xpressmusic mobile, the problem i face is its software is totally unstable and it crashes often and the phone doesnot switch on or hangs after swtching on. till now i run to service center to instal the software again to make it right.. But as my warranty is...
  13. manistar

    Nokia 5610 worst from nokia

    hi guys, i got new nokia 5610, found its worst product ever from nokia.. it has lot of software problems and hangs in middle and ve to wait for 10 mins to see it active again. the software got corrupted twice. and its not fixed even aftr firmware upgrade. do anyone faces the same...
  14. manistar

    Come guys lets enlighten lifes

    hi guys.. y shud chit chat be named as bandwidth wastage... lets begin to do something usefull too... let me giv me a intro abt myself.. i m mani. did my BE at chennai and currently working in infosys as trainee... actually my uncle took care of my eduction cost till my final...
  15. manistar

    applications and games for nokia 5610

    hey can anuone share with me where can i get applications and games for nokia 5610.. i need a application like office and folder lock and statergy games note: nokia 5610 is s40 regards mani G
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