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  1. ArZuNeOs

    Acer serving Ace of Computers

    Acer launched the Aspire 6920 & Aspire 8920, a brand new notebook PC series designed to bring the enjoyment of High Definition (HD) anywhere you go. The introduction of these notebooks marks a significant milestone in the notebooks market in India with key multimedia innovations, superior...
  2. ArZuNeOs

    Wishing you a Happy Chithirai Thirunazh & Vishu

    Hello Tamizh & Mallu Friends on Td I am wishing you a Very Happy Chithirai Thirunazh & Vishu -ArZuNeOs
  3. ArZuNeOs

    Hardware Prices...Websites ????

    Ok Fellas I Want to know the websites where Hardware prices are available ..also an option where they ship goods...remember its only an option... Already i know Deltapage.com & computer warehouse ... So please keep it coming...i know its available here...but i didn't get much ...i know some...
  4. ArZuNeOs

    Electrity Mains to USB ....Charger !!!!

    I wanna know the availability of Power adapter to USB.....Device should have Power connectors on on end & Usb connector on the other Conditions Wanna use it simultaneously to 2 or 3 devices...ipod & Mobile & External 30 gb HDD:D Already Have Ipod Adapter but face problems...:mad: What is its...
  5. ArZuNeOs

    World’s first: Quad-port HDMI chip from Fujitsu

    Source: Tech.co.uk With the increasing number of audio-visual gadgets in our living rooms that require HDMI to be seen to best effect, Fujitsu Japan has announced a hardware solution to help keep costs down. The company’s new chip is the first in the world to handle 4...
  6. ArZuNeOs

    Japanese geeks turn old cellphones into new PCs !!!!

    Source : tech.co.uk Next time you throw an old cellphone away, spare a thought for the engineers at Hokuto System in Japan, who have recycled their old handsets to make fully functional computers. The result of their labors is a simple PC on a business-card-sized circuit board that they’ve...
  7. ArZuNeOs

    Samsung's new Baby--1Tb HDD

    Source : Vnunet Samsung has begun shipping its F1 series 1TB hard drive promising the world’s highest recording density using only three disks. The Serial ATA 3.5in F1 Series run at 7,200rpm and provide a higher data storage density per platter by using three disks, resulting in faster data...
  8. ArZuNeOs

    nforce 780i chipset TO HIT THE SCREENS THIS DECEMBER !!!! [

    Source : digitimes Nvidia is planning to launch its Intel-based nForce 780i chipset in December this year, however mass shipments will not occur until January next year, according to sources at motherboard makers. The nForce 780 SLI chipset will be available to two forms, the nForce 780i SLI...
  9. ArZuNeOs

    [BWARe] Trojan has Infiltrated MSN & spreading like fire

    Source:eWeek A new Trojan is introducing malware into thousands of computer systems worldwide, and the number is growing by the hour. The malware is being introduced by MSN Messenger files posing as pictures, mostly seeming to come from known acquaintances. The files are a new type of Trojan...
  10. ArZuNeOs

    AMD pushes out Spider platform [ AMD <or> Intel ] !!!!

    Source :Cnet ,eFluxmedia ,Zdnet Advanced Micro Devices on Monday is expected to launch the ‘Spider’ platform, which combines the company’s next-generation quad-core processors, graphics cards and chipsets in one platform to deliver better graphics, performance-per-watt and improved...
  11. ArZuNeOs

    Maa Lakshmi Ki Jai - An Indian Baby With 8 limbs

    Source : Fox News BANGALORE, India — Revered by some in her village as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess, a 2-year-old girl born with four arms and four legs underwent an extensive surgery through the night to leave her with a normal body. Several hours into the operation...
  12. ArZuNeOs

    When did a Dog Become a Man's Wife ???

    Source: Times Of India AP - A man in southern India married a female dog in a traditional Hindu ceremony as an attempt to atone for stoning two other dogs to death - an act he believes cursed him - a newspaper reported Tuesday. P. Selvakumar married the sari-draped former stray named Selvi...
  13. ArZuNeOs

    Car Flies in the year 2009

    Source : www.tgdaily.com A company called Terrafugia is currently developing a plane that transitions into a car. For a mere $148,000 you too can own a Transition. When completed in late 2009, it will have an average cruising speed of 115 mph, gets over 25 mpg in the air. It’s classified as a...
  14. ArZuNeOs

    Malware preinstalled on new hard drives- Seagate's Maxtor (B ware g [uys+als] )

    Source : Taipei Times Large-capacity hard disks often used by government agencies were found to contain Trojan horse viruses, Investigation Bureau officials warned By Yang Kuo-wen, Lin Ching-chuan and Rich Chang STAFF REPORTERS Sunday, Nov 11, 2007, Page 2...
  15. ArZuNeOs

    40GbHDD on P MMX

    Guys Will i be able to add 40 gb HDD to my mmx pc.... I dont mind it being detected as 40 gb...even if it detects 20 gb its fine with me..... ================= Please dont get bashing as to wat i want from such ol pc Old is gold....and i luv my first pc.....
  16. ArZuNeOs

    Was it Airtel.....Oh boyya ! [Man wrongly detained for 50 days]

    Guys i am not sure whether u have read this Source:www.theregister.co.uk Police in India wrongfully arrested and detained a Bangalore man for 50 days after internet service provider Airtel mis-identified him as the person who posted images on Orkut that insulted a revered historical...
  17. ArZuNeOs

    What Laptop HDD to buy

    Guys I have seen many threads crawling @ Digit But am still confused I want to purchase a laptop HDD. Purpose : Conversion to External HDD for Backup & Transfers Specifications: Must have fast access rates ....Quick Transfers Of files over 5gb Silent & Cool...
  18. ArZuNeOs

    Mobo for P4 3.00gnz HT

    Guys My mom's Com started giving problems Processor: P4 530 3.00GHZ HT based on LGA 775 800 mhz fsb & 1 mb L2 cache I am giving it to service center....But she wants to get a Mobo for the same processor....Suggest me one from Intel Or ASUS Mobo requirements: Onboard sound & Video...
  19. ArZuNeOs

    Linux on P-I

    I wanna Use my old PC With Linux Config: P-I ,196MB SD RAM,20 gb HDD I wanna use that PC for 1) internet purpose 2) audio Player 3) some office purposes like reading PDF ,Word & Exel 4) want it to be fast & not Sluggish I earlier had win 98 & Office 2000 on it Now i wanna use Linux on...
  20. ArZuNeOs

    19" Widescreen LCD ???

    Planning to upgrade to Widescreen 19" LCD Please suggest some gud ones Purpose: Browsing Office Stuff Entertainment ...DVD Movies & NO GAMES Please suggest some gud ones is AOC really that good like in DIGIT review
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