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  1. J

    FS : Maxtor Basics 500GB External up for sale

    its closed man !! sold stop pm'ng me!! this post came up like a week after I posted it !! mods whts up??
  2. J

    FS : Maxtor Basics 500GB External up for sale

    Hey guys my Maxtor 500 GB up for sale. I bought it in October so little less two and a half years of warranty remaining. Price : Rs 3200 Warranty : bought 11th Oct 2008 Bill : Will be provided This is a complete new sealed box which got from Seagate a brand new piece.I gave the old...
  3. J

    FS:Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router

    Sorry bro 2000 is max i can offer Thks
  4. J

    FS:Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router

    For sale Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router Price 2100/- Bought 24th August 08. Warranty: Little over 8 months of warranty left Reason For sale: Wanna get the N-Draft router Mumbai buyers preferred.
  5. J

    Good lightscribe DVD writer

    got the asus lite scribe n sata!! rockin good!!a 2 months ago 1900 now no idea!!
  6. J

    GO : LCD Monitors 19/20/22/24"

    Raghu most trusted guy!! hail raghu!!!
  7. J

    Dell E228wfp 22" Lcd Monitor

    hey my 22" from dell is on the way too...cant wait for it!!!!..Delivery date on the site 2nd aug!!!..Will review it wen i get it!!!
  8. J

    E228WFP vs VX2235WM which is better ?

    E228WFP...i ordered 1 for 19k from dell its gonna be here in a day or 2..Its definitely better than VX google it n check the reviews..it also supp hdcpi..and a greater screen area..lesser bleeding thn d vx! CHEERS!!
  9. J

    World's Fastest Home Broadband Connection — 40 Gbps

    Re: World's fastest broadband connection how d hell can u get 4gbps man if ur lancard supp max 100mbps!!
  10. J

    Microsoft: Software giant or University

  11. J

    soundmax vista drivers

    its working for me buddy!
  12. J

    CD Burning Problem

    updated firmware..try using the older version of nero..tht worked for me!!
  13. J

    Laptop (urgent)

    see tht u have wifi more imp then thn ..u shd consider the compaq they have some good value for money!!
  14. J

    soundmax vista drivers

    i have a soundmax!! it worked with xp drivers..or try this for drivers http://www.radarsync.com/vista/
  15. J

    Sony Dvd-writer churning out blank dvd's after burning......pls help

    whts the brand of dvd he ised when burning..could u temme wht brand ure using at home ..prob..tht is the prob!
  16. J

    Apple plans cheaper, nano-based phone

    yeh the plans were leaked out by one of the employees of apple..it pissed of Steve jobs bigtime!!! ppl r now waiting for the nano!! lol!!
  17. J

    Hardware so cheap is it true??

    Guys found this thread is it true or wht??? Looks like a spoof!!! Chk the lappy prices!! Heaven lol!! http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62686
  18. J

    Sony Dvd-writer churning out blank dvd's after burning......pls help

    no it will not disturb the warranty..the firmware thinghy should work or try using another brand of dvd's n see..
  19. J

    2gb ram on 1 CHIP!!!!!!!!

    can u get 2 chips of 1gig??
  20. J

    Taj Mahal got the maximum votes!

    YEHHHHHHH!!! man many thanks to all who voted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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