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  1. KiLL

    Where can i get imported iphones in Kolkata?

    Hi people, Do you know where can i get iphone 5/5S imported in kolkata? I mean those without bills and any ideas of prices?
  2. KiLL

    Samsung Galaxy S3 or LG Nexus 4

    Im in a dillema between these two phones . I want a decent gaming performance and support for atleast a year . I have shortlisted these two devices . Please suggest me which one shld i get
  3. KiLL

    Which one should i get GTX 650 or a 7750?

    My budget is max 7000 nd i live in kolkata . But here in md computers i chcked the prices of gtx 650 nd 7750 which is much higher than flipkart price.I have a Corsair VS450 wd 34a on 12v .Flipkart is offering 5% discount so im getting a Gainward GTX 650 fr 7099 nd a XFX HD7750 for 7049 .So is...
  4. KiLL

    Cheapest HD 7750 in kolkata??

    So i want to gift a HD 7750 to my cousin.Can any one tell me where in kolkata i can get it within 6k range because in MD computers its price is above 7k:-x:-x.I also found on Shopclues , after applying coupon it becomes 5.8k but i dnt want to buy online... Please tell me where i can get it...
  5. KiLL

    Suggest the best phn under 15k..ASAP

    Finally my dad is back home and he told that he would be buying me a phone under 15k .. :-) So here are my requirements- 1.Android 4.1 or greater 2.dual core or higher 3.Minimum 4.5inch screen I am thinking about Canvas 3D Canvas HD and Xolo q800.. Please suggest ASAP .. Its now or never..
  6. KiLL

    Help about watch-phones..

    Yesterday while returning home i saw a man who was talking to a Wrist WATCH!!!o_O Then i asked him he told that it was a wrist phone watch...:O I was pretty much interested and it was a bit coool.. Please sugfest me some within 4-5k.. Chinese will do.. Also pls post link
  7. KiLL

    Help me regarding GALAXY GRAND.. ASAP..

    Im getting a second hand GALAXY GRAND for RS 12k.. Its a 1 month old set and in mint condition... Should i get it??
  8. KiLL

    Guys please help mee..... 7750 or (6770+PSU)

    Hi. I live in Kolkata. My budget is maxx 7k.. so from a long time i am searching for a gpu.. so here is what i am getting.. 1.SAPPHIRE GRAPHICS CARD HD 7750 1GB DDR5 7750 for 6.5k:lol: 2.POWERCOLOR GRAPHICS CARD HD6770 1GB DDR5 128BIT 6770 for 5.2k!!!!:-D I hav a local psu of 16amps...
  9. KiLL

    Which is the best 5.1 speakers ???

    Hello, I want to get a 5.1 speaker from online.......... my budget is max 4k.... I will use it for gaming.... also if i connect that to my led tv and use hdmi cable,will i get sound???
  10. KiLL

    Buy the HD 7750 or Wait for "Sea Islands" Hd 8750????

    I want to buy a new GPU fr my system...... My budget is around 8k max.... I was planning to get Hd 7750 now but i read somewhere that nxt gen Sea Island will release in jan/feb of 2013... What shld i do???? MY SPECS-- i3 540 4gb ddr3 500gb 1024x768 Corsair VS450
  11. KiLL

    Which one of these gpu is Best...???

    I want to buy gpu + psu with a max budget of 10k..... I hav shortlisted some HD 7770 GTX 650 Hd 7750 GTX 550ti 2gb HD 6790 Please tell whic one to get ...............
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