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  1. maharajadhiraj

    Need a good video editing software

    Thanks a lot guys for your replies....but i'll also need to edit videos in dvd-format...will all these work?? i mean i tried windows movie maker..it doesnt support the dvd format...
  2. maharajadhiraj

    Need a good video editing software

    Hey dudes...I need a good video editing software shere I enter texts in between the videos, increase the contrast of videos, merge or break two videos etc...Which are the softwares u suggest?? I heard ulead video studio is a good software...do u suggest any other??
  3. maharajadhiraj

    N72 or N70 music edition???

    Of wat I have heard about N70, it hangs quite a lot...does the same occur with its Music edition???
  4. maharajadhiraj

    N72 or N70 music edition???

    Hey guyz is N70 music edition better than N72???
  5. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Guyz I just visited a shop and they said that Nokia has stopped producing 6680!!!! I contacted 2 more reliable shops and they said the same thing..... So now its 6630 vs 6681!!!
  6. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    @ desertwind...It was only b'cos of good looks that I wanted to go for v3i...I crossed it off my list....I was supposed to use my 6630 for at least May 2008....and I lost it......Now I gotta choose between 3..... And krazyfrog.....E60 is way out of my budget yaar....W950i or Blackberry Pearl...
  7. maharajadhiraj

    Phone for a new doctor? Budget < 12K

    Dude 6630's camera is one of the best among Nokia phones....
  8. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Guyz...Thanx a lot for your opinions... I dont wanna go for 5500 cos its a s40 phone..... @ krazyfrog...wat abt the processor of 6680...is it as good as that of 6630?? And can it support 1 GB memory card(cos 6600 hangs quite a lot wid 1GB memory card)....And wat abt the sound quality???? I...
  9. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Actually dude even I had a 6630....i lost it a month ago and after much persuasion, my mom has agreed to buy me another 1 provided I get it insured... __________ And I was VERY satisfied with 6630...
  10. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Dude these are the only phones I kinda like and can afford....I wanna go for N72 but cant afford it yaar....And I dont wanna go for any other company, not even Walkman series of Sony....
  11. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Guyz I need to get a new mobile...Wich 1 shud i go for out of da 4 phones i mentioned (6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i) I am not too sure of v3i cos its sound quality isnt good and its camera is fair...
  12. maharajadhiraj

    Mobile Insurance?????

    I've heard that nowadays even mobile phones are being insured...Is it true??
  13. maharajadhiraj

    .AA and .AB files???

    Guys I recently downloaded 2 split files which had the extension .AA and .AB......How do I combine them to get the file????
  14. maharajadhiraj

    Nokia 6681 vs. 6630

    6630 is an amazing phone...Its camera is much better than 6681's....
  15. maharajadhiraj

    Lost mobile....How to retreive contacts from Nokia Phone Browser??

    I lost my mobile (Nokia 6630)....Is there any way by which I could retreive my contacts from the Nokia Phone Browser??
  16. maharajadhiraj

    Motorola SLVR L7 or V3i?

    Dude I'd suggest v3i...Just check this out... http://www.univercell.in/compare1.asp?mno=271&mmno=193
  17. maharajadhiraj

    Xilisoft 3gp Converter problem...

    Some of the videos that I am converting from the Xilisoft 3gp Video Converter are not being synchronized prperly...The sound is coming much later...The video quality isnt too good......Is there a problem wid d software...Could u guyz suggest some other softwares??
  18. maharajadhiraj

    need a wma player for 6630

    Actually I dint instanll any Mp3 player, they worked from the file manager/Fexplorer.....I mean to say they were pre-installed when I got the cell and I dont noe how to reinstall it...SOME of the files aernt workin, not all....Once I uninstall the software, all the music files start workin fine...
  19. maharajadhiraj

    need a wma player for 6630

    Hey dudes I recently dled wma plus...but it has some bug...my mp3 files dont play in d music player...so i had to uninstall it...u noe any other softwares??
  20. maharajadhiraj

    tell me a good mobile shop in Kolkata where all the models r available

    Near Lawrence & Mayo in Park Street, there is a shop called Shivam Telepoint. It is the official SE something something of Kolkata. There you can get nearly all the models.
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