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  1. aswinandaswin

    Adobe pagemaker to Indesign

    My uncle works in adobe Pagemaker 7. He asked me about the next version for upgradation. I searched in net and found nothing but Indesign Is indesign the next version of Pagemaker 7 ? or is it a new s/w from adobe
  2. aswinandaswin

    Review on Windows 7

    Hi friends I like to hear ur experience regarding windows 7 OS. About upgrading the OS from XP to windows 7 Can i able to install all apps in windows 7 that i installed in XP ? What is the thing in windows 7 called "XP MODE" , is it a virtual pc stuff ?
  3. aswinandaswin

    Which is best [HTC 3400 and Moto Rokr E6] ? Pls Help !

    I had chosen HTC 3400 and Moto Rokr E6 to buy. Im in great confusion between these. Which 1 to buy. Pls suggest me
  4. aswinandaswin

    Please Help me to setup Wi-Fi

    Hi I have a desktop pc. And i hav a laptop with wi-fi feature. I want to connect both my desktop-pc and laptop via wi-fi. what should i need to buy ? My friends told me it is possible by buying an wireless router? is it true? then, how much it costs? what are the other things i need to buy...
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