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  1. whoopy_whale

    Progress bar using JpGraph

    Can anyone please tell me how to create a progress bar using Jpgraph in my php pages?
  2. whoopy_whale

    Changing label text using javascript

    Please suggest me a way to change a label text using javascript. I have a form with some input elemnts in it. Whenever the user makes an input into a particular text field,that input should reflect as the text inside the <label> tag... How can I do it? Help plz...
  3. whoopy_whale

    Registering flash control

    I was able to open powerpoint files with flash embedded in it without a problem all these days. But from today it says that the control is not registered in my system. How can I manually register it? I don't have administrative rights,so I can't install it from adobe.com But flash files...
  4. whoopy_whale

    Finding the second friday of last month

    How can I find the date of the second friday of previous month using Java ? Suggestions please...
  5. whoopy_whale

    Horizontal scrollbar for multiple select box

    I have a multiple select box in a webpage.The data is populated dynamically into it...When the data is long,the select box also elongates and doesn't look good on the page. Is there a way to add a horizontal scrollbar to the multiple select box? Help plz...
  6. whoopy_whale

    creating tool tip on mouse hover

    In a form I have a drop down box and a multiple select box.Depending on the value of drop down box,the multiple select box is populated using java script.i.e. when you change the drop down box,the multiple select box also changes its contents. It's working fine now... I would like to add...
  7. whoopy_whale

    playing files with DRM

    How do I play files with DRM implemented in it? Any suggestions please...?
  8. whoopy_whale

    Refreshing parent window...

    I have a page with some links,clicking upon which opens a pop up window using java script.The pop up window contains a form.After submitting the form,a close button is shown. Now,after clicking the close button,the parent window should refresh. It's working correctly upto the closing part.I...
  9. whoopy_whale

    Frontpage and Publisher:Difference?

    Is Microsoft Publisher an improved version of Microsoft Frontpage? I don't see Frontpage in Office 2003 now? What happened to Frontpage? Can you please tell me the difference between them...?
  10. whoopy_whale

    Unable to install MS Office

    I had Office XP installed in my PC.When I got the CD of Office 2003,I uninstalled Office XP and tried to install 2003. The trouble is that the installation is never completed.The system restarts automaticall in the midst of installation(mainly when values are written into the registry).I tried...
  11. whoopy_whale

    Improving connection speed

    I'm using BSNL netone service for accessing the net. It used to show a speed of 21-24 Kbps in the beginning.After that I used System Mechanic's Optimizing tools and got a speed of above 40kbps. Now all of a sudden it has dropped back to 28.8Kbps.It won't increase above this speed no matter...
  12. whoopy_whale

    Unable to right click...plz help

    I've got a strange problem...I can't right click on a file..When I right click on something other than folders,for example,a file a message is shown and all windows are closed and the desktop loads again. This is the message I've been getting... I can't even delete a file...renaming by...
  13. whoopy_whale

    Access orkut from mobile...

    Is it possible to access Orkut from mobile.I am using Samsung C210 mobile,Idea connection and GPRS activated. Any sugestions??? Thank you...:)
  14. whoopy_whale

    Use Hard disk as a Pen Drive...

    Is it possible to use the hard disk as a pen drive?That is I should be able to connect the hard disk to USB and use it the same way as a pen drive so that I don't have to open the cabinet and connect the hard disk as a slave. If you have any idea of doing it ,plz share it with me.
  15. whoopy_whale

    Powerpoint queries

    I have some troubles with Powerpoint.Please help me in the following matters. 1.How can I insert flash movies(swf) in my presentation? 2.Is it possible to convert a pdf file to ppt? 3.I need some good templates too.I am planning to take a seminar on WiMAX or RFID.I need something stunning.I...
  16. whoopy_whale

    Inserting AdSense for search code

    I need to insert the Google AdSense for Search code into my blog page.I was able to insert the AdSense for Content code successfully and it's working correctly.But whatever I do,the search code is not working.Only the code keeps on displaying.The search box never seems to have appeared.And I...
  17. whoopy_whale

    Using TV as monitor

    I'd like to know whether I can replace my monitor with my Onida TV.I don't think I am sounding absurd.If you know anything about it please explain it to me.
  18. whoopy_whale

    Random number in ASP

    I tried to generate a random number using the following code. set util=Server.CreateObject("MSWC.Tools") num=abs(util.random) But I get the following error. Is there any other method to generate a random number? I have a database and the generated number should be less than or equal to...
  19. whoopy_whale

    2 little problems

    I am using System Mechanic Pro 5.Using it I applied some Windows tweaks. After that there is a small trouble.When a menu contains a sub item I have to click on it to expand it.Before that just bringing over the mouse would have expanded it.I want to bring it back.Hope you understand the...
  20. whoopy_whale

    Open with...

    I am using Windows 98. Upon Shift+Right click,the 'Open with' item is also added to the context menu. Please tell me how to enable it with out pressing Shift i.e. it should contain this item whenever I right click a file(like in WinXP).
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