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    Forgot my 3110c scurity code!! :(

    Guys help me. I've forgot my nokia 3110c security code. Master code no more works in nokia mobiles. How can i recover it? There isnt any important data to be protected on phone, so hard formatting is one way to go, but how to hard format it?
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    help regarding paypal

    i am gonna buy hosting plan form host24 , but it accepts only paypal i dont have a credit card ! but i have HDFC and SBI online bank accounts Paypal only supports transfer of paypal money to indian banks and not money from indian banks to paypal now the host24 plan is gonna over in...
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    Hindustan University - fake ?

    Hindustan University @ site www.hindustancollege.com (tells it is a university under UGC act 1956) , is it a fake university ? coz its not mentioned in the university listing of UGC site (http://www.ugc.ac.in/) Chennai guys what do you know about this it also tells about hindustan college...
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    No Network Reliance Smart last 40 hrs HELP

    ok there was 4-5 hrs network downtime here in Motihari , Bihar of reliance smart gsm some days ago . and from 15th june there is total no network availability in town ! contacted all people having reliance smart gsm but they too not getting network from last 40 hrs . IN THIS SITUATION...
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    HITS vs HIET (especially chennai guys help) , fast help needed

    what is the difference between hindustan institute of technology and science /and/hindustan institute of engineering technology ? i am confused , if i apply for IT where will i get admission ? either in HITS or in HIET ..... i am getting admission in one of them but dont know either if...
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    How one can earn online ?

    I am free on coming 15 days , got a pc and net , can i know what job can i do online so that i can earn (except adsense) ?
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    blocking youtube and another video sites in caffe

    i want to block youtube and another video sites in my caffe . is there any software to do this or i need to block its port , if i block the port how can i do it . thanks
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    Best Codec For Mobile Videos

    My point is that using avi is useless as the audio quality goes away ! if i use mpeg-4 alongwith aac lc 20-30 kbps the size is less and sound better than avi's-mp3 . however i wanna know 1. is ogg theora (vp30 modified) better than mpeg video codec at same lower bitrate ? 2. how can i...
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    Generic Host Process For Win32 Services

    this error occurs only when i run net for 10-15 minutes .......or download something..... i mean it occurs only when net is running moreover after this error i cannot use internet even my system tray shows net connection plus it chaanges themes from windows xp to classic and back...
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    What to eat for late night studies

    Have got a habit of late night studies say till 2-3 pm . So what should be taken to eat at night time ? so that i get good energy and dont feel sleepy . also the food should not harm any metabolic process due to eating at night . thanks !
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    Buying Creative Ep-630 Online

    since i live in Kota (Rajasthan) small town area there is no any availability of Creative Ep-630 Earphones i want to buy it online which site will provide at best rate and at best market price P.S :- I want express delivery .....if there is express delivery i.e 24-48 hrs then i am ready...
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    ipod headset vs nokia hs-28 headset

    which has better sound quality ? the nokia hs-28 headset which comes default in Music Editons of N70 and N73 or the ipod headsets ?
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    Ogg player and AD-41 support

    i have many ogg songs and i wanna use the play pause buttons of the ad-41 adaptor with my n70me . the problem is only the default player of the os uses the adaptor buttons and not others .since default player doesn't plays ogg how can i use adaptor in ogg play or any other music player lcg...
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    Nokia N70 and AD-41 adaptor

    i have nokia n70 plane edition of firmware version 5.0616.2.0.3 24-04-06 i have Nokia AD-41 adaptor which comes with the music editon of n70 and n73 the problem is i am unable to use the play pause button keys of the ad 41 adaptor ...it seems like it doesn't supports my current...
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    Cheapest PC internet mobile

    i want the cheapest set available in market through which i can run internet on my pc .price range should be between 2000-3000 max (3000 limit) please suggest a good phone with good battery backup . and i prefer the set which has this - "charging is also taking place and internet is also...
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    Windows bootup and shutdown report

    is there any software which can keep records when was my computer booted and when it shutted down and also for how much time it was on ? help me i need it
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    Post your top 10 rock songs or more .....

    Yep your favourate top ten rock songs ....in this way a an awesome collection would be created ......so start ...heres mine .... please include artist also metal , nu metal , heavy metal , soft , hard , pop ,rap , etc every genre which you like heres mine 1. Green Day - Boulevard of...
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    mp3 auto tagging

    i have some english mp3 files but they have only title and artist names....i wanna auto tag them all with other info such as year , composer , etc via the help of internet ............which would be the best software to do this.............have tried winamp auto tagger but it doesn't tags after...
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    Dressing sense and Hair style

    two sites wanted :- 1. a site which tells about dressing sense on how to wear cool dressings with pics and elaborations...(am poor in dressing sense :( ) 2. a site or software in which :- i can put various hair styles to see which suits me . just post the face photo and experiment with...
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    Indian Tv Guide needed

    just bought a tv tuner . i waant to know a site which gvies schedule of the tv programs of various channels like disney,jetix etc..... of india ....with good details like one we have in tata sky..... so help me and give the site please.....thanks
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