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  1. smashingdude

    FIFA 14 stuck at loading screen!

    Hey guys, so i just bought a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 3542) I installed FIFA 14, which was working just fine on my desktop, on the laptop and launched the game. However, the game keeps getting stuck at the screen where it says "press start or space to skip". I have tried using the laptop's...
  2. smashingdude

    The SHOWOFF Thread

    @amjath- thanks bro! Actually I salvaged the psu, ram and graphics card from my previous build. didn't have much of a budget so i figured this psu will do because there are no power hungry components as such (i5~85W and 6670~75W). So, that's that! @gollum- my friend has the k380 and i'm pretty...
  3. smashingdude

    The SHOWOFF Thread

    Guys! Bought my new PC! Specs in siggy! :-o How is the cable management!?
  4. smashingdude

    JEE Advanced

    ^ True That! :-x How much did you get in Main, btw!?
  5. smashingdude

    Google Nexus owners thread

    Guys, got my Nexus 10 today! :twisted: Add me too! Are there any smart covers for it (like in iPad) ? If yes, then please do recommend them! Budget- around 1500
  6. smashingdude

    HTC One launched in India for Rs. 42,900, available April end

    HTC already had a potential winner in their hands. With this sensible pricing, they have done a world of good to themselves.
  7. smashingdude

    Video Editing & Gaming PC @ 90~100k

    ^The rest of the config same as above.
  8. smashingdude

    Youngsters arrested for going to Ice cream parlor

    Ice Cream and drugs? :confused: Oh yes, Vice City! :twisted:
  9. smashingdude

    IPAD 4th Generation or Nexus 10 ???

    Also keep in mind that nexus 10 has a 16:9 aspect ratio whereas iPad 4 has 4:3. So, no black bars on nexus 10. But then, the ipad has a much better gpu. Really tough one, go with your gut feeling, there won't be a clear winner. You couldn't go wrong with any.
  10. smashingdude

    Nexus 7 3G will work here?

    Alright, Thanks for the confirmation guys!
  11. smashingdude

    Nexus 7 3G will work here?

    So guys, I am getting myself a Nexus 7 3g (32GB) from Germany. I wanted to ask if there would be any issue with indian carriers. Simply put, will 3G work with indian carriers like vodafone, Airtel, etc. Thanks in advanced. Good Day
  12. smashingdude

    Advice on my GRig build?

    Why are you getting an OC'able MB with a locked proccy? Get any good H77 board and save some cash.
  13. smashingdude

    'Limbo' Discussion Thread

    My interpretation would be: Btw, really nice game.
  14. smashingdude

    Graphic card Dilemma for 25K Budget.

    AnandTech - Bench - GPU12 Go ahead with either one, you couldn't go wrong with any of them. Note that the bench used the 7950 with factory settings (read no OC), so your OC version might score some extra points there. Personally, I'd have gone for 7950. (Not a fanboy, but I seem to like AMD more...
  15. smashingdude

    Low budget desktop pc configuration needed

    Fill thishttp://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/pc-components-configurations/149943-asking-new-pc-help-answer-these-questions-first.html up
  16. smashingdude

    graphic card compatibility?

    I have the same mobo and it supports core unlocking..There is a good chance that you can unlock a locked core. Do try it, an amd dual core @ about 3ghz will serve you well. About the graphics card, get hd 6670. I bought the Sapphire gddr5 version for Rs. 5200 from Wazirpur Market, Delhi in...
  17. smashingdude

    Laptop for architecture

    Thanks NoasArcAngel, then HP Envy it is!
  18. smashingdude

    Laptop for architecture

    I've suggested him the hp Envy 15-3017tx. Will it be good enough to serve the purpose? As in, is the gpu up to the mark?
  19. smashingdude

    Laptop for architecture

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Ans- about 80k (+-5k) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Ans- Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: b...
  20. smashingdude

    Processor query!

    No, not unlocked. Using 2 cores only. While running Prime95:
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