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  1. Simple_Graduate

    Seeders, leechers, peers?

    I've started using bittorrent and am confused about these terms: seeders, leechers, peers...different kinds of downloaders? There are numbers under them...and sometimes there are numbers in brackets also? Can someone explain this and also tell which one of these I am?
  2. Simple_Graduate

    For those still using IE6

    You guys have probably heard other users talking about "tabbed browsing" available in browsers like Firefox and Opera... basically opening many websites within one single window. You may also have heard that IE7 also features "tabbed browsing" and are perhaps waiting to upgrade to Vista or...
  3. Simple_Graduate

    Where is the firefox cache?

    What is the location of the firefox cache on my hard disk? I'm also using IE-6 and Opera on a Windows XP computer. IE's cache is in the temporary internet files and Opera's cache is in its folder...but the firefox folder does not show any cache. I need to find some old image files that I...
  4. Simple_Graduate

    D-Link modem and netone

    Hi, As I wait patiently for my BB connection, there is trouble in my dial-up netone connection with BSNL. Since Jan I get frequent disconnections and error messages. And by some miracle if I manage to connect, the pages load very very slowly. Secondly, only IE-6 pages are opening...
  5. Simple_Graduate

    Own domain name on wordpress

    I had read somewhere that wordpress.com was now allowing its users to have their own domain names for their blogs, which had always been the case at wordpress.org. For example: myname.wordpress.com could become www.myname.com if that blogger purchased his own domain name....either from...
  6. Simple_Graduate

    Rt. clicking on google ads

    Suppose I have a website displaying text ads from google adsense. Now if one of these ads points to an important source or website for my business or profession, how do I visit that site without violating Google rules and getting banned from adsense? If I right-click on that ad, and...
  7. Simple_Graduate

    .mobi domain names. Worth buying now?

    .mobi is the domain name for webpages that will be displayed on mobile phones. In India these are being sold by net4india.... But are they worth buying now? Will the existing content on .com, .org, .net, etc. pages be duplicated on .mobi? Who will design .mobi pages for mobile phones...
  8. Simple_Graduate

    Can't open ANY text editor!

    I'm online now...when I try to open any Word, Notepad, Wordpad, Frontpage, etc file I get an error message: "The procedure entry point CloseClipboard could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll" What to do?
  9. Simple_Graduate

    3G or Wimax

  10. Simple_Graduate

    Google disappointed with India recruitment drive

    REUTERS[ WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2006 01:46:43 PM] SAN FRANCISCO: There may be more than a billion people in India, but even an Internet superstar like Google Inc. has trouble recruiting talented locals in its South Asian operations, a board member said on Tuesday. "I know first hand...
  11. Simple_Graduate

    Army wants a Chief of Defence Staff

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/2119851.cms So should we have a CDS??
  12. Simple_Graduate

    Gaming in India—entering the next level

    The gaming industry is taking an eternity to mature in India. Some things have changed. Hopefully, some others will too. K Rajesh Rao has a simple line for pretty much anyone he bumps into these days. “Please play games,” chimes the 35-year-old CEO of Dhruva Interactive, a Bangalore-based...
  13. Simple_Graduate

    Making money from mobiles

    Once the intermediaries between telecom and media companies, mobile aggregators are now an industry by themselves Namitha Jagadeesh in Businessworld I wonder why the cost of "value added services" is between 6 and 30 rupees, while for calls it's only 80 paise??? These companies are...
  14. Simple_Graduate

    Direct downloads from kiosks!

    Phoneytunes, a Delhi-based mobile value-added services (VAS) company, has developed a product that offers a range of value-added services (like ringtones and wallpapers) that users can buy from ‘mobile-download kiosks’. On a trial basis, it has set up 10 such kiosks in Bangalore, Mumbai and...
  15. Simple_Graduate

    Longest lasting hardware component

    Which has been your longest lasting hardware component? For me it's the keyboard...lasted seven years and still going strong. Everything else has been changed once or twice.
  16. Simple_Graduate

    Ethics in the medical profession

    source: Businessworld. Persistent questionable practices will eventually catch up with every industry, profession or sector. For years, fast food firms and cola companies have been in the dock for producing and selling products that are harmful to health. Only after many lawsuits and...
  17. Simple_Graduate

    Tea or Coffee???

    http://www.businessworld.in/SEP0406/market.asp Generation-X is all about trends. With the coffee culture catching up, there is a sudden rise in the number of coffee shops, especially in urban India. Today, there are around 500 Barista and Café Coffee Day outlets across the country. And the...
  18. Simple_Graduate

    New e-book readers

    http://www.businessworld.in/issue/images/images/invogue/02.gif (image of SONY e-book reader with top 10 e-books of 2005) Imagine crowding your bedside table with piles of your favourite books. Or lugging them in your bag to read on the bus. Not anymore with the advent of portable eBook...
  19. Simple_Graduate

    Sexual harassment at elite school

    http://in.news.yahoo.com/060817/139/66r0l.html In a shocking revelation, a girl student of Dehradun's Shigally Hill International Academy school today alleged that sexual harassment was going on in the school and that too with the due sanction of the authorities. One of the students of the...
  20. Simple_Graduate

    Final Fantasy 7

    I installed this game "final fantasy 7" on August Digit CD....turned out to be very childish. But when I thought of removing it there was no uninstall program! The game is not even in the add/remove programs list of the control panel (windows XP). So should I just delete the main folder...
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