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  1. kkg_mjh

    How to activate / deactivate !DEA GPRS ???

    SMS Fresh to 54666 to Deactivate the services :P it will activate per kb plan :D
  2. kkg_mjh

    How do i dial up on my laptop using Airtel NOP?

    man better use IDEA @ RS 5 per day [ hope u have IDEA service in your area ]
  3. kkg_mjh

    How to activate / deactivate !DEA GPRS ???

    Thanks once again arun . Now i've activated it . me now not charged on data transfer [ just 1 paise @ 1 mb which is negotiable]
  4. kkg_mjh

    How to activate / deactivate !DEA GPRS ???

    Thanks Arun For telling me this procedure . BTW can u tell me how to deactivate the GPRS 2 plan ?
  5. kkg_mjh

    How to activate / deactivate !DEA GPRS ???

    i talked with CC yesterday regarding Rs 5 per day plan they told me to activate this plan i need to seng GPRS 2 to 4666 but wat a bloddy hell I've been charging on per KB basis . Kindly can any one tell me how to deactivate their GPRS scheme also how to activate Rs 5 scheme
  6. kkg_mjh

    how to make mobile unreachable ?

    I do this by going setting -- > phone setting -- > Network Selection --> chosing/selecting diffrent Service Provider then my current service provider then when it do request I turn/switch off . and i always do that
  7. kkg_mjh

    HELP Regarding Airtel EDGE in PUNE

    well i want to know weather EDGE is available in Lohagaon area or not coz i'm getting a very slow speed can i get details where the EDGE services are available and yes I've EDGE enablled phone (Nokia 6020)
  8. kkg_mjh

    Svchost Problem

  9. kkg_mjh

    Svchost Problem

    freinds i'm having the following svchost problem please tell me possible solutions My OS: XP professional SP2 intel celeron M 1.30 GHz 248 MB of RAM
  10. kkg_mjh

    Help Regarding PHPBB

    Dear Friends I want ur kind help regarding phpbb I want two groups i.e commerce group and science group i want that the commerce student cannot post , reply or poll in the science section and vice versa please help me with that how to do that please provide me link to any mod if...
  11. kkg_mjh

    Help regarding Airtel GPRS (some Changes are there while connecting)

    i'm not in roming . i'm in home network
  12. kkg_mjh

    HELP regarding Airtel NOP

    it is called mobile office not NOP
  13. kkg_mjh

    Help regarding GUI Tweek For XP (making vista)

    Friends i want to know any freeware available that will make MY COMPUTER like VISTA's my computer (that GUI Indiacating HDD space ) see here http://www.geekpedia.com/pics/VistaScreenshots/My%20Computer%20and%20Report%20tool.PNG
  14. kkg_mjh

    HELP regarding Airtel NOP

    What is this NOP (net on phone ) service by airtel donot tell me to contact airtel CC coz they have blocked my cc 2 month ago and still not unblocked even after 15 calls
  15. kkg_mjh

    YAHOO.....GPRS probss

    Use RediffBol my friend and me using and voice quality is too clear and both are on airtel mobile office.
  16. kkg_mjh

    Help somting happen to my cpu

    my hardware vendor solve it he says there was some prob in IC of the MotherBoard
  17. kkg_mjh

    using 2 internet connections simultaneously on pc

    according to my knowledge it is not possible coz while connecting to a network a IP address is assigned which is provided you by ISP and and multiple IP is not possible
  18. kkg_mjh

    Help somting happen to my cpu

    Problem is solved
  19. kkg_mjh

    Help somting happen to my cpu

    What kind of detail i have to give . Please specify
  20. kkg_mjh

    Help somting happen to my cpu

    Yes i am also thinking so
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