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  1. Josan

    Vote For Udham Singh

    Vote For Udham Singh:-- Udham Singh (Punjabi: ਉਧਮ ਸਿੰਘ, Hindi: उधम सिंह्; December 26, 1899 – July 31, 1940), born Sher Singh Jammu, (Kamboj) , was an Indian independence activist, best known for assassinating Michael O'Dwyer in March 1940 in what has been described as an avenging of the...
  2. Josan

    Iphone: Donot Update Ur Iphone To 3.1.3

    If You Got a Jailbroken IPhone And U Love It Jailbroken Do not Update To New Firmware 3.1.3 Or U Will Loss Ur Jailbreak And There Is No Working Jailbreak Method For This New Firmware.
  3. Josan

    Realtek sound driver - Error Code : 0xE0000227

    My Laptop Brand Lenovo It used to work well but 4m sometime ,when i play any song i just hear a beep ,and so i try to reinstall sound driver but it failed to install with this Error Code : 0xE0000227
  4. Josan

    Help!!Problem With C++

    I m new to programing and i use DevC++ Compiler but when ever i tries to make a program by coping word to word from a c++ book it give me a errors what could be the reason ..Plz help me out
  5. Josan

    2 Dial Up Connections At Same Time

    How can i use two airtel mobile dial up connections at the same time , through bluetooth or data cable Is there Is no solution to this ????????????
  6. Josan

    Iphone In Jalandhar

    Today I was in Jalandhar Market To Buy phones for my brother and friend ,i saw a add poster of a shop which also sells Apples Products along with others and after finding the Iphone in the list i went straight to the shop ,and asked about the iphone ,and i was told that i could buy a brand new...
  7. Josan

    Dvd Not Running

    My lappy with windows vista ,runs cds well but fails to play dvd (any type data or media ), is there is a solution for this problem , please help me out
  8. Josan

    Nokia N91 8Gb For Sale

    Yeah Finaly im selling my 6 month old Nokia n91 Gb Phone with all the Accessary...what so ever Any body Wanna hav It ..........
  9. Josan

    ?latest nokia phone prices

    What are the latest nokia phone prices
  10. Josan

    Aishwarya in Pink Panther 2

    I have got these pics ,it seems that ash is staring Panther 2 Check these out
  11. Josan

    XXXtraordinary Computer Casings

    Here are some of the Kool and nice computer casings Dont forget to give a kick to ya old and ordinary machine :p :p :p
  12. Josan

    Wat Should I Do?

    I Have Windows Vista and Kubuntu Installed on my Pc ,Now i want to remove kubuntu from my pc ?what should i do ,should go to the partation manager in vista and format the kubuntu drive?
  13. Josan

    Is There Is any Hope to recover data?

    2 Months ago, there was a problem in my hard disk ,and this lead to to hard disk crash,i noticed some burns on its backside ,so there was no hope of new harddish from Seagate, Now i want to recover my lost data from this harddisk,is there is a way to recover it , at what cost? and where can i...
  14. Josan

    Strange Virus In My System

    I Hav Just got a virus from a mobile phone ,named folder.exe (just look like a normal folder) in My Documents folder and this same folder is created when ever i open a folder And More , when i search google for online virus scan the browser (i tried opera ,IE,Safari) suddenly closes .while...
  15. Josan

    Files Are Not Copying

    Am new to linux , when i tries to copy a file from one drive to the other it says thats i have no right to write data on this?(or something like this) but am able to copy any file from any disk to my desktop help me out .am using kubuntu
  16. Josan

    I Need Sabayon Linux

    I had a Dvd of sabayon linux that comes with aprill issue of(Linux for you magazine) ,but that dvd was crupted ,thats why i was not able to install it , where can i get this dvd again ,i cant dnld it from net becoz its to big ,can any one help me
  17. Josan

    How to Delete folder without name(shown in the image)

    ~Image I have created a folder with this trick ((((((((((first create a new folder somewhere on your hard drive when you name it hold down "Alt" and press "0160" this will create an invisible space so it will apper as if it has no name.Then right click and select "Properties". Select the...
  18. Josan

    Mac os x on PC

    is this is realy possible to run a mac and vista on one pc ,if anyone know s how to do this ,plz share your imformation
  19. Josan

    Help!!!!!!!!!!! Linux installation problem

    I Hav got two linux distros with Linux Magazine ,,,Sabayon3.26 and VectorLinux5.8 when i tried to install Sabayon3.8 .1stly it says loading but after some time is says disk faliure ............I hav never used linux before Plz help me out
  20. Josan

    Vista Banned??????????????????????

    The prestigious National Institute of Standards and Technology has put a ban on Windows Vista, but that's standard procedure, according to NIST's chief information officer NIST, which does research and sets standards for things like cryptography for government use, is among several federal...
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