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  1. aneesh kalra

    C++ help required

    anybody here can direct me to a website having a tutorial on data structures specifically for linked queues and stacks.
  2. aneesh kalra

    Compiz problems

    Recently I installed 3d desktop and 3d chess from the synaptic package manager but it did not work so I proceeded as per the instructions on the compiz page in ubuntu ;i.e;by adding third party repositories and then installing them.Now when i go to the compiz settings manager it doesn't...
  3. aneesh kalra

    Dual monitor setup

    I recently tried setting up a dual monitor setup a viewsonic VA1912wb@1440*900@60hz via dvi alongwith a samsung crt@1024*768@60hz via vga on my nvidia 6200agp card but the problem is that after setting them up through the multiple display wizard only the primary monitor displays the image...
  4. aneesh kalra

    lcd and sound card queries

    Ok I am in the market for an lcd which meets the following specs Budget 20 k Anyhing over or 19 inch will do A good response time -6ms or below DVI port Potrait mode (would highly appreciate if this is available in my budget) Dual hinge with full swivel capabilities If possible can i...
  5. aneesh kalra

    Calling all Delhi digitians (Delhi meet a.ka. G2G)

    On similar lines to the calcuttta meets can we have delhi meets as well say in a couple weeks or so at some weekend.Venue and time shall be decided on basis of response.Please put in your confirmations alongwith the part of delhi you are residing and the date on which you would like to attend...
  6. aneesh kalra

    Trojan infection

    I have been facing a series of problems oy computer lately.My computer has been infected with spyware and trojans lately.Inspite of turning system restore off,disconnecting the net during scans,deleting the quarantines and scanning the system fully with avg,ad-aware and super anti spyware and...
  7. aneesh kalra

    system32 queries

    Recently I started browsing through system32 in the windows folder.On exploring this i found services which I had never heard of.Can somebody please explain what the following are.Except the last two they are exactly in the order as they appear in system32.None of the above are screensavers or...
  8. aneesh kalra

    n-gage software

    can someboddy please instruct as to how to install softwres in n-gage through a card reader.
  9. aneesh kalra

    Agp aperture

    Can somebody please tell me what should be the ideal agp aperture setting for an intel 865 gbf mobo with nvidia 6200 256 mb card and 512 mb ram@333mhz installed.Considring an optimum balance between playing games and perfomance please suggest this.At present it is configured at 16mb by...
  10. aneesh kalra

    internet problem

    Recently in my connection properties I am getting sent data in 6 figures and it starts coming close to seven figures after 5-10 mins.is this normal since I remember it not exceeding anything beyond five figures.
  11. aneesh kalra

    Face recoginition

    The lenovo ad got me thinking that what would happen if the guy just put his photo in front of the laptop.can face recoginition be by passed by showing a photo (lifesize)or even passport if shown closely to the webcam
  12. aneesh kalra

    volume adjustment

    What is the difference between adjusting the volume through the media player and adjusting it through the volume control knob on your speakers.Which is more prefferable max o volume on speakers or media player.
  13. aneesh kalra

    can vista run on mac like xp did

    Can we run windows vista on a mac mini or ant other version .please specify which flavour of vista would run if it will.
  14. aneesh kalra

    Restarts every now and then

    I recently purchased a zebronics nvidia 6200 agp 256 mb card but since then my computer has started restarting after an interval of 15-20 mins during normal web usage and not gaming.I have reinstalled the drivers and the card twice but it has been of no use. I have also heard after purchasing...
  15. aneesh kalra

    ms office problem

    My ms office has started running in reduced functionality mode.Can somebody please assist me in rectifying the same.
  16. aneesh kalra

    change the default memory allocation of a graphics card (onboard)

    can somebody please tell me as to how to change the default memory allocation of a graphics card (onboard).I have an intel orignal 865 gbf motherboard with 64 mb graphics memory then how is tht in the bios I am only getting a option of 16 mb as the max frame buffer setting and moreover even in...
  17. aneesh kalra

    connecting a mobile to a car stereo system

    I have a nokia n- gage qd mobile which has a 2.5 mm headphonne jack .By using 2.5 to 3.5mm converter first I manged to attach it to casette adapter which went into the tape slot of my kenwood krc-443z but the problem is that there is no bass or any beat in the resulting audio output although...
  18. aneesh kalra

    Agp to pci

    Can somebody please instruct as to how I acn change my primary graphic card from agp to onboard.This is because my agp card which is quite old and was only bought because it supported Transform and lighting for rs 2000 is only 32 mb whereas onboard is 64 mb does not do this.Now till now all...
  19. aneesh kalra

    gpedit.msc not working

    I get the following message on typing gpedit.msc snap in failed to intialize snap in is not created or may not be installed properly
  20. aneesh kalra

    ram mismatch

    even though i have 256*2=512mb ram ddr 333mhz both the sticks installed on my motherboard and they both are of the same brand simtronics then also my motherboard intel orignal 865gbf does not recognize them as identical and runs in single channel mode although it supports dual channel mode.I...
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